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Why Use a Junction Block?

Posted by Andre Clayton on Wed, Nov 14, 2018

Junction blocks have become a standard in factory connectivity. While traditional parallel wiring methods are still used, they continue to be inflexible, time consuming, and prone to error. Junction blocks from Pepperl+Fuchs allow multiple devices to be connected to a central point, add flexibility, save time, and reduce wiring errors. 

Pepperl Fuchs Junction Block

Our IP68-rated junction blocks provide the flexibility and reliability that modern production plants demand. Available with both M8 and M12 connector ports, Pepperl+Fuchs junction blocks enable multiple sensors or actuators to be connected back to the PLC or control box with only one master cable. T- and Y-splitters double the number of sensors that can be connected by merging two signals into one junction block port, making it possible to connect up to 16 devices to a single block. The vibration resistant T- and Y-splitter housing establishes cost-effective signal looping without foregoing the structural integrity of the block itself. 

Pepperl+Fuchs junction blocks are easy to mount thanks to their two-screw design, which allows for flexible placement and reduces setup time. Integrated LEDs light up when the sensor is connected to power and verify sensor functionality and machine operation status. Different connection technologies are also available, whether your plant needs molded trunk cables for mounting ease, plug-in connections for quick wiring, or terminal compartments for subsequent wiring.

An extremely rugged outdoor variety that withstands any environmental impact is also available.

Isn’t it time all manufacturers use junction blocks for connecting their sensors and actuators to a controller?

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