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What Makes the R20x Series a Smart Choice?

Posted by Sam Horn on Thu, Feb 28, 2019

R20x photoelectric sensor

Adaptability, versatility, and efficiency are three essential components of a forward-thinking business concept. In the world of industrial automation, these help keep pace with rapidly changing technologies by driving creation of the innovative, cost-effective, versatile tools users need to complete the job. Sensors are critical to this process because they provide accurate measurement—no matter how precise it must be.

The Pepperl+Fuchs family of R20x photoelectric sensors is part of the forward-thinking concept of Industry 4.0. Capable of processing digital, analog, and IO-Link signals, the R20x photoelectric switch series is the newest generation of adaptable, reliable, and efficient sensors.

Much like the popular R10x series, R20x sensors provide parallel solutions with additional functionality and longer range—yielding a comprehensive solution platform. Some of the additional functionality includes analog output, rotatable M12 connectors, and industry-standard M4 mounting patterns. All R200 and R201 sensors are IO-Link compatible in three major sensing modes (diffuse, thru-beam, and retroreflective) and are available in all of the following sensing modes:

  • Diffuse
  • Background suppression
  • Background evaluation
  • Retroreflective
  • Clear-object retroreflective
  • Thru-beam
  • Quasi-measurement
  • Distance measurement

The processing engine within R20x sensors is much like that of the R10x, making for easy setup and unmatched usability. DuraBeam lasers and Multi Pixel Technology (MPT) drive the sensing algorithm for each sensing mode; just like the R10x, R20x sensors offer diffuse, thru-beam, retroreflective (with polarization filter or for clear object detection), triangulation (background suppression or background evaluation), and distance measurement sensing modes in the same housing.

So, what makes the R20x series a smart choice?


R20x sensors combine the powerful processing engine from highly successful sensor families with R10x versatility to bring a great deal of flexibility to the photoelectric sensor portfolio. Industry-standard mounting patterns, compact housings, rotatable connectors, and digital/analog/IO-Link signal processing make these sensors versatile.


DuraBeam laser technology combines the extended service life of an LED but with laser diode strength. PowerBeam LEDs make the LED versions suitable for a wide range of applications, just like the laser versions. The housings boast an IP67/IP69/IP69K rating, making the R200 and R201 among the most durable, rugged sensors available. With a powerful, sharp, circular, focused light spot, R20x sensors are ideal for precise detection and distance measurement of objects in medium-range applications.


All sensing modes are combined into a compact, rugged housing to minimize cost and installation efforts. IO-Link technology provides a forward-thinking approach to smart manufacturing, while traditional digital and analog outputs are still available in the same model. R20x sensors can integrated with a potentiometer and push button, which minimizes configuration time.

Additional information about the benefits of IO-Link Smart Sensor Profiles and the R10x and R20x series sensors can be found on our YouTube page. To learn more about Pepperl+Fuchs’ R20x series photoelectric sensors, please see our product portfolio or contact our support team.

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