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What Makes a Thin Client Future-Proof?

Posted by Andre Clayton on Wed, Nov 21, 2018

BTC12 thin clientA future-proof thin client should be a long-term virtualization solution that reduces costs, enhances system management, and improves productivity. That is why our BTC12 thin client is designed with technology that can be adapted to future industry demands.

BTC12 is engineered to be rugged. Its shock and vibration resistant aluminum housing, along with a -20 C to +60 °C temperature range, provide users flexible installation in office- and non-office-grade settings via three mounting options—wall, DIN rail, or 100 mm VESA mount.

Designed for viewing application processes on the latest screen technology, the BTC12’s two DisplayPort interfaces can be used with dual Ultra HD monitors with 4K resolution at 60Hz. HDMI monitors with a passive DisplayPort adapter can also be used. Modern interface technology like Dual Gigabit Ethernet for network redundancy, a serial interface port to support legacy peripherals, four USB ports for modern peripherals, and a wide range 16 to 28 V DC power input for both office and industrial applications helps application control centers adapt to the industry needs of tomorrow.

Future-proof technology allows users to effortlessly streamline their processes. The preinstalled VisuNet RM Shell 5 firmware (based on Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB) allows users to easily configure remote connections to the host PC or server. VisuNet Control center lets operators remotely monitor, manage, and view all VisuNet RM Shell-compatible thin client devices from a single PC- or Windows-based mobile device.

Thin client technology that stays relevant must have the capabilities to provide maximum data security to its users. The BTC12 firmware can receive Windows® security updates to keep data protected well into the future. The thin client contains a built-in firewall and USB lockdown to reduce the risk of malware and viruses. If users need additional security measures, the thin client gives the option to upload antivirus software.   

We designed our thin client with the future in mind. The BTC12’s future-proof technology makes the thin client the perfect tool for meeting the demands of Industry 4.0/IIoT.

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