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What Are the Differences Between the 3 Vents for the 5500 Type Z Purge and Pressurization System?

Posted by Brent Dean on Fri, Jun 17, 2016

When using the 5500 Type Z purge and pressurization system, you are given 3 vent options to choose from.  This gives you the option to choose a vent based on the needs of your application. The 3 models are:

Each of these vents opens at a different back pressure, in turn having different flow rates.

5500 Type Z Purge System with Vent

Vent 01

The EPV-5500-…-01 has a breaking pressure of 0.8” w.c. and a max flow rate of 30 SCFM.  I recommend using this vent if you have a large enclosure to help cut down on the purging time. Another application where I recommend this vent is when you need to purge an enclosure with components inside that generate heat. The higher flow rate will help alleviate some of the heat.

Vent 02

EPV-5500-…-02 has a breaking pressure of 1.4” w.c. and a max flow rate of 20 SCFM. This is the vent that I suggest for mid-sized enclosures. An example would be terminal junction boxes or relay panels.  For standard applications, this vent is the way to go.

Vent 03

EPV-5500-…-03 has a breaking pressure of 1.5” w.c. with a max flow rate of 12 SCFM. This vent offers the tightest seal. I recommend this vent anytime bottled gas is being used to supply the purge system, due to the tighter seal and lower flow rate, which will help you conserve your bottled gas supply. If you are having issues maintaining pressure inside of the enclosure, I also recommend this vent due to the higher breaking pressure.

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