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VisuNet Remote Monitors Streamline Pharmaceutical Cleaning Processes

Posted by Andre Clayton on Mon, Mar 25, 2019

pepperl fuchs HMIThe FDA requires drug manufacturers to follow strict cleaning guidelines. According to the FDA, any equipment a manufacturer uses during drug production must be “cleaned, maintained, and, as appropriate for the nature of the drug, sanitized and/or sterilized at appropriate intervals to prevent malfunctions or contamination …” This is why drug manufacturers clean their batch process tanks at regular intervals.

After the drug manufacturer uses water and various chemicals to thoroughly clean gels, dyes, proteins, and other manufacturing residue from each batch process tank, the wastewater needs to be drained. Each tank is connected to the plant’s solvent drainage system, where the waste can drain into a standard sewer system or certified hazardous waste storage tanks. A VisuNet Remote Monitor, an HMI, from Pepperl+Fuchs can be used to streamline this process.

Certified for use in hazardous environments, the Pepperl+Fuchs HMI uses state-of-the-art VisuNet RM Shell 5 firmware to make it easier for plant operators to monitor and control the tank drainage or batch process. In just three easy steps, the RM Shell firmware can be configured and connected to the plant’s SCADA system. The firmware can then be fine-tuned and tailored to the application at hand using features like auto-connection, auto-reconnection, and back up connection to help ensure full-time availability.

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