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Use Case: Refueling Gas Station Tanks

Posted by Andre Clayton on Tue, Oct 30, 2018

Gas Refueling Truck


An Italian oil company hired the Institute L‘Istituto di Vigilanza dell‘Urbe (IVU) to improve the procedures for refueling underground fuel tanks at gas stations without sacrificing worker safety. Previously, supervisors were required to accompany every refill truck driver so that someone could provide aide in case of an emergency. 


IVU determined the supervisor could be removed from the process if a one-man refuel monitoring system could be established while still providing high-quality protection and communication in hazardous environments.


IVU implemented state-of-the-art ecom technology as part of the new solution. The newly integrated system included:


Where previously a truck driver and supervisor were needed to safely refuel a gas station, one driver is now sufficient. The supervisor does not even need to be on-site, because the solution tracks position with GPS, has a chargeable battery and good signal quality, and the connection status is monitored continuously. The solution also automatically records arrival at and departure from the gas station. A lone worker can now focus on safety inspection, control of personal protection equipment, and emergency management.

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