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Shield Protection Experts

Here at Pepperl+Fuchs’ Solution Engineering Centers, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with fully customized, certified solutions for hazardous locations. 


Applicaitons  Tailor-Made Solutions

Pepperl+Fuchs works across industries and scales to satisfy our customers’ needs, from single, unique, small-scale solutions to complex, global, high-quantity installation projects. Certifications: ATEX, IECEx, UL, CSA.

team  Partnership for Success

The first step to any successful project is to arrange a consultation with one of our experienced Solutions Specialists who will work with you to outline all the requirements for your particular application. 




Solution Engineer Center

Understanding the ins and outs of building a custom hazardous location solution can be a complex and burdensome  task. With decades of hazardous location experience, Pepperl+Fuchs can provide customers with reliable assistance for certified solutions that they can trust!

Want to learn more about the Solutions Engineering Center? Download our brochure or watch our online certification overview!



Online Certification Overview
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