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Reliable Linear Distance Measuring Using Cable Pulls

Posted by Pepperl+Fuchs on Thu, Mar 25, 2021

cable-pulls_Seilzug_Application_titlePepperl+Fuchs modular cable pulls meet a variety of challenges that other sensors simply cannot. Made from a combination of components, they are easily tailored to the exact needs of your application. Environmental resistance, form factor, and disregard for particulates in the air are all qualities that help cable pulls stand alone for tough applications.

How does a cable pull work?

Cable pulls enable incremental and absolute rotary encoders to measure linear motion. When the cable pull’s stainless steel cable retracts and extends, a spring-loaded drum rotates the shaft of the connected encoder. With each revolution of the encoder shaft, linear movement is translated into rotary motion.

Pepperl+Fuchs cable pulls come in various lengths and sizes and are available assembled with rotary encoder or can be offered separately. A guide pulley can be incorporated for measuring around corners or at different angles. This allows cables pulls to follow tracks or slides with non-linear paths while still providing precise measurement data.

Where are cable pulls used?

Often found in applications that involve accurate measurement of object or machine height, cable pulls can be integrated into forklifts or scissor lifts to provide real-time data on the exact height of the fork or basket. Since they do not need to be perfectly aligned to another sensor or target, they can provide accurate data while the vehicle is moving.

Heavy-duty cable pulls can be used to collect position data for harbor cranes with no influence from the rain, wind, and ocean spray. And even if an extension ladder on a fire truck is exposed to smoke, ash, and heat, ruggedized cable pulls still provide reliable height information to the ladder operator.

Which cable pull is right for my application?

Cable pulls are a practical solution for many industries. From compact models for use in simple applications to rugged, heavy-duty versions for harsh environments, Pepperl+Fuchs cable pulls provide durability, a long service life, and accurate measurement for up to 60 meters.


ECN10TL—Compact Cable Pull for Basic Industrial Applications

The compact design of the ECN10TL cable pull is perfect for industrial applications that require high precision. The light, compact plastic housing offers flexible installation with a variety of mounting options. A coupler-free version of the encoder enables exact information feedback and ensures reliable processes at lengths up to ten meters.


ECN21IL—Compact Cable Pull for Rugged Environments

Compact ECN21IL cable pulls come with an anodized aluminum housing and are designed for applications in harsh industrial environments for measuring lengths up to five meters. The cable pulls are equipped with a bellows with steel tip, which reliably removes deposits such as dust, moisture, and ice from the measuring cable. The measuring cables are also corrosion and acid-resistant. An optional guide pulley is also available.



ECN30PL—Rugged Cable Pull for Long Measuring Ranges and Demanding Applications

ECN30PL series cable pulls are suited for large measuring ranges that require high process reliability. The drum of cable pull is displaced in the axial direction via a threaded spindle, ensuring consistent measuring results. The cable is resistant to acids and corrosion, and the device can be combined with various protective attachments, which helps guarantee a long service life. The cable pull offers a measuring length of up to 60 meters and various mounting options. Optionally, the cable pull is available in a housing with Hart-Coat®.



ECN40HD—Extremely Rugged Cable Pull for Harsh Environments

ECN40HD cable pulls are ideal for use in harsh weather and ambient conditions. The special construction of the drum makes it especially durable and accurate. The drum can be cleaned quickly and easily due to the open cable pull system. Even in dusty, humid, and salt-laden environments, the cable pulls ensure perfect measurement results. A ball joint as standard cable attachment point allows the attachment point to be moved with several degrees of freedom and prevents the measuring cable from kinking. The heavy-duty cable pull is available in lengths up to 20 meters.


Separate Guide Pulley for All Cable Pull Series

Separate guide pulleys can individually guide the measuring cable in each cable pull series to bridge corners and edges. This means that cable pulls can also be used in areas that are hard to access or where there are many angles.
For the ECN21IL and ECN30PL series, a guide pulley can also be mounted directly on the cable pull.
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