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Laser Sensors that Measure the Distance!

Posted by Amanda Blakeman on Thu, May 07, 2015

You read that right.  Now with Pulse Ranging Technology (PRT), laser sensors can determine the distance to an object by emitting short, high-energy light pulses over a given distance.


This light is then reflected off the object and received back to the sensor.  PRT uses the speed of light as a constant to calculate the duration between when the pulse is sent and when it was received in order to determine the distance.  Laser distance measurement sensors give an analog output proportionate to the distance that the user has set.

Why PRT?

Laser distance measurement sensors are great for applications that surpass the distance capabilities of background suppression and require a small light spot.  The visible light allows easy alignment and detection regardless of ambient light or environmental conditions, such as dust, smoke, or fog.  Unlike other sensors that require a specific distance between them to avoid interference, sensors that utilize PRT do not need a given distance between them because they are immune to cross-talk.  This is because the pulse lengths are so short that the chance of two different sensors’ pulses overlapping is slim to none.  Lasers are independent of color and, as a result, laser sensors are able to detect a blue object and yellow object at the same distance.


Sensors with PRT technology provide accurate measurement results regardless of target color.

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