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Intelligence with IO-Link: LGM Series Light Grid

Posted by Andre Clayton on Tue, Mar 12, 2019

The LGM series measuring light grid is an array of thru-beam photoelectric sensors housed in a single emitter and receiver pair designed to continuously communicate with a PLC through any IO-Link master. They are available in a variety of heights ranging from 100 mm up to 3200 mm, with the number of beams varying based on the height. The light grid can be remotely configured for easy setup and parameterization via PLC with the help of IO-Link technology; complex single beam calculations are not required to set up these sensors.

The LGM series light grid is just as easy to use as it is to set up. Users must simply select which of the grid’s 16 measuring options is most suitable for their application. Whether the application involves object sizing and profiling, product guiding and positioning, web tensioning control, height measurement, or dimensional inspection, these versatile photoelectric sensor solutions can accurately send measurement values in millimeters directly to the controller through an IO-Link interface. Analog to distance value converter devices are not necessary.

The light grids can quickly identify and measure objects so they can be optimally stored. The last beam blocked (LBB) and number of beams blocked (NBB) measurement functions are two examples of measuring options that accomplish this. LBB determines the highest position of an object, and NBB determines an object’s size based on the difference between the highest beam and the lowest beam blocked. The light grids can also provide volume measurement through a combination of vertical and horizontal mounting.

LGM light grids are also highly precise. They can identify objects based on shape and geometry, and holes and gaps can also be detected. Blank fields can be set so that objects in the suppressed fields are not detected. The size of the fields can be defined either by a set range of values (ex. blocking out 50-100 mm), or by blocking the field with an object and teaching the range to its size. All of these features, and more, can also be accessed remotely and applied with the click of a button in the free PACTware software, thanks to IO-link. PACTware connects to the IO-Link master and provides an easy to use interface with graphic representation of the various modes (see figure 1).

light grid modes

Figure 1: Graphic representation of the various modes from PACTware

The LGM light grid is available with resolutions of 8 mm, 17 mm, 25 mm, and 50 mm and in field heights up to 3200 mm. The light grids have an ultra-low profile that enables them to fit in tight spaces, and their IP67 aluminum housing withstands harsh ambient conditions, even in cold-storage.


  • Choose among 16 integrated measuring functions
  • Direct measurement in millimeters—no complex conversions
  • Integrated IO-Link interface enables easy setup and evaluation
  • Slim lightweight housing provides fast flexible installation
  • IP67 protection, also suitable for cold storage applications
  • Beam crossover provides higher resolution with no increase in response time

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