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Integrating AS-Interface into Rockwell Automation PLCs Has Never Been Easier!

Posted by Danius Silgalis on Fri, Jun 16, 2017

What do you need to get started?

  • You will need the AS-Interface Toolkit for Rockwell Automation PLCs—it's a Zip file you can download from our website.
  • This toolkit is intended to help a PLC programmer by providing ALL the necessary tools for integrating AS-Interface into a Rockwell Automation PLC.

    AS-Interface Gateways supported by the Toolkit for Rockwell Automation PLC

Where can you find this toolkit?

The toolkit is posted under the software tab on the product pages for these three AS-Interface Gateways:

Which AS-Interface gateways are supported by the latest toolkit?

How do I know I have the correct contents of the latest toolkit?

  • The new Toolkit includes EDS Files (v.1.5), which are easier to use during integration of an AS-Interface gateway into a Rockwell Automation PLC.
  • Mapping options are reduced to three possibilities for each gateway, making it easier for PLC programmers to determine a suitable configuration for their applications.

What are the updated mapping options for each gateway to simplify the PLC integration?  

  • VBG-ENX-K20-D-EV24
    ASI-1 Discrete Only
    ASI-1 Discrete + Analog 31, 30, 29
    ASI-1 Discrete + Analog 10-31
    ASI-1+2 Discrete Only
    ASI-1+2 Discrete + Analog 31, 30, 29
    ASI-1+2 Discrete + Analog 10-31
  • VBG-ENX-K30-DMD-S16-EV
    ASI-1+2 Discrete + Safety
    ASI-1+2 Discrete + Analog 31, 30, 29 + Safety
    ASI-1+2 Discrete + Analog 10-31 + Safety

Which AS-Interface gateway is suitable for my application?

AS-Interface Gateway VBG-ENX-K20-D-EV24


- 31 discrete nodes only 
- 31 discrete nodes & 3 analog nodes
- 31 discrete nodes & 21 analog nodes

AS-Interface Gateway VBG-ENX-K20-DMD-EV 

- 62 discrete nodes only
- 62 discrete nodes & 6 analog nodes
- 62 discrete nodes & 42 analog nodes
AS-Interface Gateway VBG-ENX-K30-DMD-S16-EV 


- 62 discrete nodes only + Safety
- 62 discrete nodes & 6 analog nodes + Safety
- 62 discrete nodes & 42 analog nodes + Safety

Is there a quick-start document that outlines the steps for Integrating AS-Interface gateways into Rockwell Automation PLCs?

Yes, a document describing step-by-step how to integrate AS-Interface gateways into Rockwell Automation PLCs is included in the toolkit files.

Is there a “cheat sheet” that summarizes the mapping descriptions?

  • Yes, the document '-EV Gateway PLC Mapping Tables' describes each mapping description in detail.
  • The document is included in the toolkit in the EDS Files_rev1.5 folder.
  • The AS-Interface toolkit also includes nine Excel files that can be imported into RSLogix5000 software so that the controller tags are defined with AS-Interface descriptions.

What if I still need additional diagnostics on AS-Interface in RSLogix5000?

  • A 'Get_Diagnostics_Advanced Add On Instruction' is available. It can be imported into RSLogix5000 and reads diagnostics including slave lists, all network diagnostic lists, error counters, duplicate address lists, and fault detection.
  • The document 'AS-Interface Add-On Instruction for RSLogix 5000' is available in the Add On instruction folder to assist in working with this instruction.

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