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Industry 4.0 Comes to Hannover Fair 2015

Posted by Patricia Stafford on Wed, Apr 01, 2015

The Internet of Things is an up-and-coming technology which is set to transform the way we live. Simply put, it allows machines to communicate directly with each other over the Internet. This connection between machines will lead to greater convenience and efficiency based on a more rapid exchange of information. Everyday examples might include a car telling a garage door when to open or close, a stove turning itself on to boil a pot of tea that will be ready for you when you come home from work, a timer setting thermostats, and your refrigerator letting you know when you’re running low on groceries.


Industry 4.0 is the industrial realization of the Internet of Things, and here too, fascinating new opportunities will arise with this technology. Basically how it works is that a sensor communicates the information it picks up to a bridge technology such as SmartBridge. This technology allows you to control industrial components via app software. The use of mobile devices enables all kinds of modern internet communication.

This year’s Hannover Fair runs from April 13th to April 17th. In honor of Industry 4.0, the theme of the fair is “Integrated Industry—Join the Network.” Pepperl+Fuchs will be offering some exciting displays and demos for the occasion, inside our very own Sensor Technology 4.0 Arena.

How will Pepperl+Fuchs present Industry 4.0 at the Hannover Fair?

MultiScan 3D, SpinScan 3D, and SpaceScan 3D will showcase possible future technological capabilities to give you an idea of the innovative direction in which we are heading.

You are also invited to take a first look at our exciting SmartBridge technology. First introduced as a concept in previous shows, SmartBridge has evolved to where you can now see its debut as a practical hardware solution. WirelessHART is another bridge technology that will be on display. You can also learn how tablet devices and smartphones are poised to become the new configuration, diagnostic, and troubleshooting interfaces of factory automation.

Identification in general and radio frequency identification (RFID) in particular will play an important role in Industry 4.0. With the UHF F190 read/write head, we will highlight this by demonstrating truly industrial implementations of this technology as part of our display. Representing photoelectric sensors, we will be featuring the revolutionary R2000 with its 2-D scanning Pulse Ranging Technology (PRT) and simple integration. The UC4000 series ultrasonic sensor will also be part of the exhibit.

Representing explosion protection products will be our new universal barrier and some Ex de solutions.

Come get a preview of the future! Visit us at Booth D76, Hall 9. We hope to see you there.

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Topics: Terminology, Ultrasonic Sensors, HART, Photoelectric Sensors, Hazardous Area Enclosures/ Equipment, RFID

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