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Dynamic Leakage Compensation for Seasonal Changes with Type X Purge Systems

Posted by Lou Szabo on Thu, Dec 04, 2014

As we head into winter, many of you with tire pressure monitors will notice the low tire pressure indicator light appearing on your dashboard as the weather turns colder. Wouldn’t it be nice to have automatic pressure compensation for these times?


A mud shaker system manufacturer converted to our 6000 series Type X purge system. There were two major reasons for the conversion.
  1. Even though purge systems may have manual leakage compensation, these systems are set only once when the equipment is commissioned. When the weather turns cold, they can trigger a false “loss of air” trip. In the case of a Type X purge system, power to the purged enclosure is terminated. While this may be an issue under normal circumstances, imagine an operation with an equipment day rate of upwards of $1 million, not to mention the time and costs of personnel on the platform, as all the equipment is dependent on that one piece.
  2. The majority of purge systems have a manual timer or manual valve for the purge cycle. If the inlet air pressure drops due to an undersized or overtaxed compressor, the timer could expire, requiring the process to start again. You may spend a good deal of energy never completing a purge cycle.

For these two shortcomings, the mud shaker company turned to our 6000 purge system to address these issues.


The 6000 purge system has dynamic leakage compensation. So whether the temperature fluctuates, or the seals age with time, the purge system can dynamically compensate enclosure pressure between a lower and upper pressure range established in the system parameters.

The company also tested the 6000 purge system down to 15 psi and found the unit extended the purge time to accommodate the drop in pressure to complete the purge cycle.  Conversely, they increased the line pressure and found the system shortened the purge time because it measures flow at the vent and is a true feedback control system.

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