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Do I Always Need an AS-Interface Power Supply for My AS-Interface Network?

Posted by Danius Silgalis on Tue, Sep 27, 2016

AS-Interface networks consist of three main categories:

  • Gateways or scanner cards (masters)
  • Power supplies and repeaters (infrastructure)
  • Modules and sensors (slaves)
Power Supplies for AS-Interface Networks
AS-Interface power supplies supply 30.5 VDC power for nodes connected to the AS-Interface yellow cable.  The decoupling coils in an AS-Interface power supply enable communication and power to be transmitted over a single cable.  With the latest EV gateways (gateways with model numbers ending in "-EV"), AS-Interface power supplies are no longer required. The first segment of an AS-Interface network can now be powered by any 30 VDC power supply (2.8 A ... 8.0 A). The necessary decoupling coils are now built directly into the gateways.

Note: AS-Interface power supplies can still be used with EV gateways, but they are not required.

An additional benefit with EV gateways is the ability to power two AS-Interface circuits from a single 30 VDC power supply.

The following diagrams show the terminal connectors on an EV gateway.

The terminal connectors on an –EV As-Interface GatewayNote: A single power supply can power both AS-I 1 and AS-I 2 networks.  In this case, the
maximum 8 A power supply is distributed between both AS-I 1 and
AS-I 2 networks, which each have a 4 A maximum capacity.

The following diagrams show the terminal connectors on a non EV gateway.  The only advantage of using a non-EV gateway is that each AS-Interface network can now have an 8 A maximum capacity.

The terminal connectors on a non –EV AS-Interface GatewayQuestions about AS-Interface? Ask an Expert!


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