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Configuring EXTA2 Keyboards for Hazardous-Area HMI

Posted by Pepperl+Fuchs on Tue, Jun 30, 2020


Industrial monitors and operator workstations are installed in process plants and hazardous areas to safely monitor processes. To support and simplify input, a selection of keyboards is available. The EXTA2 industrial keyboards from Pepperl+Fuchs are specially designed for use in hazardous areas. They are ATEX and IECEx certified for Zone 1/21 and have UL Class I/II, Division 2 approval for use in the USA and Canada.

When paired with an appropriate intrinsic safety / non-incendive barrier for use, the EXTA2 keyboards can be used with VisuNet GXP industrial monitors from Pepperl+Fuchs or as stand-alone solutions with other HMI systems. Depending on the type of explosion protection, the keyboards are available with a mechanical trackball mouse, touch pad, or joystick for user-friendly operation. Pepperl+Fuchs offers a wide range of combination possibilities and mounting options to ensure application flexibility.

Using the product type key, we will show you how to configure EXTA2 keyboards specifically for your application.


1. Keyboard Selection Based on Type of Explosion Protection

Approvals can vary based on where equipment will be used, so it is always necessary to determine the appropriate type of explosion protection in advance. Since individual explosion protection types can only be selected with certain housings and keyboards, housing and installation versions must be chosen in advance.

Overview of EXTA2 keyboards for hazardous areasDepending on the type of explosion protection necessary, EXTA2 keyboards can be configured with different housing, installation, and mounting options.


The following table uses the type code to show possible combinations of EXTA2 keyboards based on explosion protection type:


In short: The EXTA2-F keyboard is certified for ATEX II 2 GD and IECEx Zone 1/21. With the "-F" version, the housing options are unlimited. You have the choice of a panel-mount version, a desktop version, or a housed version. The same applies to the EXTA2-N keyboard for non-hazardous areas.

In contrast, the EXTA2-J version is only available in panel-mount version "-N." The EXTA2-J keyboard is classified according to IECEx and ATEX II 2 GD; Zone 1/21 and NEC Class I, Div. 2, Zone 22; Class II, Div. 2, Zone 22, and Class III, Zone 22.

In the following, we present the different keyboard housings.


2. Selecting the Appropriate Housing and Installation Options

EXTA2 keyboards are available in the following three housing options. The type of explosion protection, detailed in point one, largely determines the selection available.



“-N” Panel Mount:
For installation in a custom housing.







“-T” Desktop Version:
The desktop version offers a separate keyboard with separate intrinsically safe circuits for mouse and keyboard, making it suitable for installation in hazardous areas.





“-F” Housed Version:
The -F housed version has various mounting options. Some options are designed for easy and convenient installation with Pepperl+Fuchs’ VisuNet products.





3. Which mounting options are available?

Because there are multiple keyboard housings and installation options, a range of mounting possibilities are also available. Certain housing versions are linked to certain mounting options, but others can be chosen based on preference.
The "-F" housed version with freestanding keyboard can be combined with the "-F," "-L," "-H," or "-G" mounting options (see following table). 15° or 75° vertical and 15° horizontal mounting flanges are available.
The "-G" mounting option is "single-arm" for mounting on 21.5" Pepperl+Fuchs VisuNet GXP monitors.
No mounting option is required for the "-N" panel-mount version and the "-T" desktop version. Select mounting option "-Z."

Mounting options at a glance:

EXTA2 mounting-options_data-sheet


4. Which keyboard mounting options are available with VisuNet GXP monitors from Pepperl+Fuchs?

If you use the EXTA2 keyboards with VisuNet GXP series industrial monitors from Pepperl+Fuchs, a range of keyboard mounting options are also available. Based on the display size of the VisuNet monitor, you can choose from the following:

21.5-inch VisuNet GXP (AGx housing):

If you are using the VisuNet GXP with a 21.5-inch display, mounting option G (i.e., with a mounting arm) is available.

EXTA2-for-VisuNet_21,5 inch




Mounting option G with a mounting arm is suitable for AG-xx00 GXP housings.




19-inch VisuNet GXP (AG1 housing):

For VisuNet GXP with a 19-inch display and an F housing, you can choose between mounting options F and L.








Mounting option F provides 15° vertical mounting flanges for convenient typing.





If the display of the VisuNet GXP is mounted in a raised position, option L with a mounting flange of 75° is the right choice.



Stand-alone or panel-mount version

If you are using a stand-alone solution or a panel-mount version, the option H wall mount with a 15° horizontal mounting flange and a retractable keyboard is the best solution when space is limited.


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