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Combining Explosion Protection Techniques to Reach Success

Posted by Alex Dzatko on Fri, Jul 29, 2016

Integrating complex electrical systems and components into hazardous areas typically requires combining different methods of industrial explosion protection to achieve a safe and certified solution. Our Solution Engineering Centers have the ability and the experience as a system integrator for solutions going into Zone 1 and 21 or Zone 2 and 22 areas. Our ATEX and IECEx certificates offer great flexibility, allowing  unique solutions for the challenges of putting complex electrical equipment in hazardous locations around the world.

Industrial Explosion Protection Systems

Sometimes you can't avoid having to put high-power equipment in hazardous locations. Variable frequency drive cabinets are one such system that requires higher voltages and amperages. Using a combination of protection methods, our experienced team builds and certifies these systems for use in ATEX and IECEx Zone 1 areas. For these areas, using our 6000 X-purge together with one of our Ex d cast metal contactor-disconnect enclosures, we transform these complex systems into safe and certified solutions. 

Ex d Cast-Metal EnclosureThe 6000 X-purge system is by itself capable of making systems suitable for ATEX and IECEx Zone 1 locations, but it is limited to only passing a maximum of 8 amps through its contacts. Higher-power applications require a third-party contactor to switch the higher voltages and amperages. We integrate these contactors into an Ex d cast-metal enclosure, outside of the purged cabinet, to control the coil of the contactors with a signal from our 6000 X-purge. When the 6000 X-purge senses that the purge cycle is completed and the VFD cabinet is pressurized, the system sends a signal to the contactor coil. This closes the contacts and switches on power to the electrical equipment in the purged cabinet.

Having Pepperl+Fuchs build and certify the system itself for you is already a huge value, but with our ATEX and IECEx certificates, we have options that allow you to save even more. Our ATEX and IECEx solution certificates allow you to populate and wire the back panels going into the different enclosures. (Normally, these kinds of systems require you to go through a panel shop to get separate certification for these additional back panels.) By providing this service, Pepperl+Fuchs can save you both time and money on the cost of labor and third-party item markup. In the end, this means you are getting a great deal on your certified solution.

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