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Can You Hear Me? Intrinsically Safe Smartphones on the Job

Posted by Kimberly Stover on Fri, Jul 14, 2017

ecom's Smart-Ex® 01 and Ex-Handy 09 ensure safe and clear communication with industrial-strength noise cancellation

We’ve all experienced the frustration of trying to make a phone call in a noisy environment—at a sporting event, concert, restaurant, or bar. You struggle to hear what the person on the other end is saying and find yourself yelling “what!?” or “can you repeat that!?” into the phone.

ecom's Smart-Ex 01 Intrinsically Safe Mobile Phone

After the call, you may still be confused and often will have heard something completely different from what the other person actually said.

The same thing happens every day in refineries, on oil rigs, and in process plants. But, unlike most personal calls, phone conversations in process plants likely involve critical information being passed between operators in noisy environments and control room engineers. Phone conversations in these settings regularly deal with safety-related topics and potentially hazardous situations. If instructions on either end are misheard, the outcome could be catastrophic.

The Smart-Ex® 01 and Ex-Handy 09 from ecom, with their outstanding noise cancellation, help curb these miscommunications before they happen and give the participants on both ends clear, high-quality reception. These intrinsically safe mobile phones make phone calls possible even right next to loud machines and in noisy environments.

One customer writes, “For me the quality of this system is absolutely amazing. In strong winds, it is possible to make a phone call. Even between the compressors, we are able to communicate properly. For the colleagues in the control room, the conversation is clear—even if the mobile phone is used near/between the turbines. We can use the mobile phone all over the platform, without having any issues.”

Hear for yourself a noise cancellation test using ecom’s Smart-Ex® 01



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Topics: Intrinsic Safety, Explosion Protection Equipment

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