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VisuNet HMI Solutions and Applications for Hazardous Areas

Posted by Aaron Severa on Wed, Aug 06, 2014

I recently read "Creative Ways to Cut Costs in Hazardous Areas" by Dan Hebert, Senior Technical Editor at Control magazine. The article discusses some of the interesting applications where a hazardous-rated industrial HMI unit is required. Some of the solutions involve outdoor areas where they are exposed year round to high or low temperatures, rain, high winds, and bright sunlight. Other solutions involve long distances in between components and call for a way to communicate between these two points.

Industrial HMI Solutions for Oil Tankers
Because no two applications, solutions, or locations are exactly the same, the requirements of the end user can be drastically different. This means that manufacturers have to create standard products that cover the bulk of the applications, but also be flexible enough to create custom HMI solutions to cover the remaining applications that just cannot be satisfied by standard off-the-shelf solutions.

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