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Male and Female Connectors for Industrial Sensors — Field Attachables

Posted by Patricia Stafford on Wed, Jul 30, 2014

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When it comes to making sensors work for you, it’s all about getting connected. And, knowing the right connections to make depending on your industrial needs makes all the difference.  

Field-attachable connectors allow you to put together the perfect fit. The power of these simple parts is in their adaptability to customer needs. Their tailored design provides individual solutions for existing wiring systems.

Field attachable connectors for industrial sensorsMale and female connectors include 3-pin, 4-pin, and 5-pin connectors. Insulation displacement connectors provide electrical power to a sensor through a cable with multi-strand wires. Other styles include screw terminal connectors and solder connectors. Different sizes are available, such as the standard M8 and M12 as well as MINI styles.  

The same versatility that you find in cables, depending on your application, logically applies to field-attachable connectors. Female connector M12 quick disconnect

The following types of male and female connectors let you adapt your industrial sensor connections to a wide variety of applications and environments.

  • Weld immune
  • Chemically resistant 
  • Shielded
  • Right angled
  • Straight
  • Able to fit into tight spaces
  • Quick disconnect

V1 connectors from Pepperl+Fuchs (our M12 style of connector) as well as other connections sizes  including M8, ½”, and 7/8” connectors, can all stand up to the most demanding environments, whether used for cylindrical or surface mount general purpose or automotive weld-immune applications. These connectors are often coupled with PVC (polyvinyl chloride), POC (weld bead resistant), or PUR (polyurethane) cable. These industry-standard M8 and M12 round connectors and valve connectors are standard components in the factory automation sector.

Shielded field-attachable connectors and cordsets, such as our M12 (V1-G-5M-PUR-ABG), offer protection against cross-talk or interference between sensors caused by electrical noise in the immediate area surrounding the cables and sensor connections.

The vast majority of male and female field-attachable connectors are available as both right-angled and straight styles.  

Heavier gauge field-attachable connectors, include MINI connectors such as 7/8” connectors (V93, V94, and V95 styles). Micro AC style connectors would include the ½” connector types (V124 and V125).

As you can see, male and female connectors and cordsets for industrial sensors come in every imaginable form. Pepperl+Fuchs offers solutions for the welding sector, NAMUR-compliant applications, shielded 8-pin M12 connectors, pigtails, device installation, and stainless steel coupling nut versions with specially formulated cable jackets for the food industry. With all of these choices, field-attachable connectors make it easy to customize cable lengths depending on your application, and can be used with 100-meter spools.

Like building blocks, you can use them to create the results that are right for you. We offer custom solutions if you want to go above and beyond the world of ready-made cordsets. For example, if you want a double-ended cable of different lengths with a male connector at one end and a female connector at the other, we can provide a cable with connectors on both ends, designed to your specifications.

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