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Ask an Expert Industrial HMI - Episode 2

Posted by Andy LaMar on Tue, Jun 10, 2014

Div. 2 KVM Extenders, Class I, Division 2 Industrial PCs, Zone 1 Remote Monitors, and What's New in 2014!

This is our second installment of Ask an Expert where we sit down with a product expert and answer questions from our customers. Today's expert is Lou Szabo, who is our Business Development Manager for our HMI portfolio.

Industrial HMI Questions?
This includes products like:

  • Industrial operator workstations
  • Panel PCs
  • Custom industrial workstations designed to your specifications
  • Hazardous area barcode scanners
  • Industrial keyboards
  • Div. 2 KVMs
  • Mounting systems

Podcast transcript

Andy: Lou, I want to thank you so much for joining us again! We have a couple questions here from customers, so let's go ahead and get started. This first question asks: "Regarding the Division 2 KVM extender kit, we have an HMI and hazardous area connection interface with PLC panels in the control room. We want KVM extenders on the CAT5 communication cable. Which KVM would you suggest? The distance is about 150 meters." So what do we have for them, Lou?

Lou: Thanks Andy, that's a great question. So we have two KVMs that are suitable for Division 2. One uses VGA and PS2 connections, and the other uses DVI and USB connections. So the customer would have to supply that information to us. Additionally, these are going to be in a hazardous area, Division 2. We also have intrinsic safety barriers for the USB components to connect to the keyboard and the mouse. And, we have displays that are Division 2 rated, including a touchscreen that can all be routed through that KVM.

Andy: Thanks, Lou. This next question asks, "Do you offer Class I, Division 2-rated PCs to use with industrial monitors?

Lou: We offer panel monitors, and we also offer monitors with an embedded PC, an embedded thin client, or an embedded KVM to save space for the customer, particularly OEMs where panel space is always at a premium. Then, they have an option of an Atom-based processor or a Core2 Duo-based processor. It can be ordered with Windows 7 or with Windows XP for some of the older legacy systems. The monitors are available with 15, 19, or 22 inch screens. The 15 and 19 inch models are also available as Division 2 and Zone 2 rated components for international types of OEM applications.

Andy: OK, let's move on to our third question. "I am interested in a VisuNet EX1. How do I get a datasheet? For my project, the VisuNet EX1 will be in Zone 1 (ATEX), and it will work as a remote monitor, and I will communicate through Modbus TCP." So what do we have for them, Lou?

Lou: Well, the first thing I would do is go to Once I'm on that site, I have the option of building a system or selecting a product. So, I will go to the product category and pick Zone 1-based products. Once I've got the product selected, then on that page I can find application notes. I will also find data sheets, and clicking on that tab, I can download the datasheet. We have a couple of different VisuNet EX1 sizes there, so the customer can select the size that he wants to use for Zone 1 applications.

Andy: That's a great point, Lou. Also on, we have literature, product photos, some new videos, as well as 360 degree photography that we recently placed on the site. The site has all the information you're going to need to learn more about our HMI solutions. So let's go on to our last question, and that's simply - What's new in purge and HMI for Pepperl+Fuchs in 2014? What do we have going on, Lou?

Lou: For the HMI product lines, we now have the 22-inch industrial panel displays that include general-purpose and Division 2 certification, with either a PC, a thin client, or KVM options. We also have the Mark III version of the aseptic workstations for the pharmaceutical markets. This Mark III features a hingeless door that allows you full access to the back side of the door for better maintenance and cleaning in the pharmaceutical environment. We also have the XT version for oil and gas applications. It's fully certified for global use and it features quick-disconnects that are certified for ATEX and IECEx.

On the purge and pressurization front, coming in June, we have the 5500 Type-Z purge. This unit is unique in that it is a small, stainless steel enclosure, it is fully automatic, one size vent fits all, and it has a safety shutdown feature typically found only in Type X systems, so that it saves you a couple thousand dollars from having to engineer your own or move up to a Type-X purge in those Division 2 environments.

Finally, all of the certification on the 6000 purge unit have been updated so any OEMs can easily design either one of these two products into their offering; they function similarly, in that they are fully automatic, have simplified displays, and simple LEDs tell you the status of the purge cycles. But what it allows the OEM's customers to do is focus on what the product is supposed to do, as opposed to worrying about twiddling with the purge system. That covers it, Andy!  

Andy: Wow! So it definitely sounds like you're busy Lou, so I certainly appreciate you taking the time to stop in an answer these questions from our customers. For our audience, if you have a question, feel free to send us an email, give us a call, or visit our website. Thanks again!

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