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This Valve Position Sensor Is Rugged and Outdoorsy

Posted by Joan Kassan on Wed, Apr 09, 2014

Most valve position sensors on the market today are designed for process valve automation applications and environments where limit switch boxes with mechanical, magnetic, or inductive contacts are typically used to detect the position of the valve in valve actuators.

Valve sensor for outdoor useGranted, valve sensors are used in process plants, but these are areas where there are no great temperature fluctuations; there's no wind or water, or corrosive and potentially explosive elements to deal with. But in a world where oil and gas exploration is becoming more prevalent, where hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is revolutionizing these industries, and where there are thousands of offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico alone, the demand for more robust valve position sensors has grown significantly.

F31K2 Valve Position Sensor
Enter our F31K2 premium series of valve position sensors.  The F31K2 is designed for really tough and diverse outdoor applications, in addition to Ex classified areas in the international market. Different housing materials and connection options are used to make the F31K2 resistant to impact, salt water, temperature fluctuations, corrosion, and UV rays. It has a large terminal compartment with conduit entries for larger-diameter cables, and because it mounts directly onto standard actuators, it's compact and easy to install.

Features include:

  • An optional beacon that lets you easily see the valve position from a distance 
  • Adjustments in increments as low 5° anywhere between 5° and 360°
  • A wide -40 °C to +75 °C temperature range
  • Ex-nA approval for Zone 2/22
  • IP69K rating
Valve Position Sensors for Process Applications

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