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Factory Automation Isn’t Only on the Factory Floor

Posted by Joan Kassan on Mon, Jan 06, 2014

Automation. When we hear the word we typically think of manufacturing, factory automation, and process control. But automation has made its way into our daily lives so that without realizing it, we've become accustomed to it. And we're at a definite disadvantage when it's not available.

Business machines use industrial sensors
Remember counting all that change in the jar you emptied you pockets into—and then rolling them into coin wrappers to take to the bank? And speaking of the bank, when was the last time you actually went inside the bank to get some cash from your account? How about the way you used to check in at the airport before check-in kiosks or going into the video store to rent a movie? Vending machines actually redefined the DVD rental business.

Ever stop to think how that ATM always gives you the correct number of twenty-dollar bills, how a vending machine recognizes the coins and bills you put into the machine, how the touchscreen knows which selection you've made, or how your printer knows to shut down when double sheets are feeding through?

Industrial sensors

While automation may be changing and redefining our lives, industrial sensors are what makes them work. Consumer and commercial business machines use sensors at every critical point within the machine's operation. These sensors provide valuable information. Simple tasks that deal with what, when, and how many are performed quickly and accurately.

A variety of sensing technologies in a variety of housing sizes, styles, and mounting options are used to accurately complete these tasks. It's not a one-size-fits-all solution. And off-the-shelf products aren't always the answer. Each sensing solution is unique to the application. It's important to have a sensor supplier who's a pioneer in advanced sensing technologies, with expertise in this market, one with a background of innovation and customer collaboration.

And that's where we excel.

Download our Sensors for Consumer and Commercial Business Machines (PDF 9.35 MB) brochure to learn more.

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