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What Cordset Do I Need?

Posted by Sean Miller on Tue, Oct 29, 2013

Pepperl+Fuchs offers a variety of cables for our quick disconnect sensors, and most of the time, any cable with the appropriate connection will do. But depending on the application, a specific cable type might be needed.

Factories that use sensors for general-purpose applications such as bottle counting and part detection will likely be fine using a standard PVC or polyurethane cable, as these are the most readily stocked and easily affordable cables for use with quick disconnect sensors.

Bottle counting applicationThese will be our V1-*-BK*M-PUR or PVC cables for the M12 micros (V1, 4-pin and V15, 5-pin) and the V3 or V31-**-BK*M-PUR or PVC for the M8 nano style (V3, 3-pin , V31, 4-pin) cables. These are typically 22-gauge cables that can take up to 250 VAC/VDC. PVC has properties that making stripping the insulation very easy and has a good range of chemical resistance. (A reference guide to chemical compatibility chart can be found in the back of our cordset catalog.)

PUR resists UV light very well and has good flexibility. Since polyurethane contains no halogens, it is often used where PVC is not acceptable to use.

Irradiated PUR cables are also available. These are typically used for basic welding applications where sensors will be around welding equipment and there is potential for the cables to come into contact with oil and other chemicals. This type of cable has an H/S in the model name.   

Weld-slag-resistant cables are also available. These are commonly used in welding applications where weld slag comes in contact with the insulation and the irradiated PUR cables are not tough enough. This type of cable is typically orange and is designated by POC in the model name. These cables will typically have a very high operating temperature (150 °C max at the insulation).

For most AC sensors, we offer yellow cables typically in 16 gauge for up to 240 VAC/VDC applications designated with an STOOW in the model. These are available in Micro ½" and Mini 7/8" sizes in 3-, 4-, or 5-pin versions. These cables are designed for outdoor applications and can be used up to 600 V. It is important to note that Pepperl+Fuchs' sensors typically accept up to 240 VAC for an input voltage.

We also offer shielded cables (mostly in the M12 cables). These will have ABG in the model name. This type of cable has a metal shield inside the insulation that protects the signal from electronic interference. This is recommended for analog-output sensors and where sensors are used around high-voltage equipment.

Even with all of these options available from Pepperl+Fuchs, not all types of cables are available for a specific pinout. For example, the shielded cables are offered in the M12 and nano M8 connection types. They are not offered in the STOOW type cables.

Choosing the correct cable is crucial in terms of the service life you can expect from a cordset.

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