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Using AS-Interface Modules in Wet Environments

Posted by Tim Cicerchi on Tue, Oct 22, 2013

When AS-Interface modules are exposed to rough applications like food & beverage or are outside exposed to the weather, extra steps should be taken to ensure proper functionality of the modules over the long term. 

AS-Interface modules with IP69k ratingOur G11 and G10 AS-Interface modules are rated for IP69K, which means that they have been tested to withstand high pressure spray and steam.  The rating is only as good as the connections that you make to the module.  I take extra steps to ensure that everything is sealed up properly before putting a module into service in tough environments.

Dielectric grease

We suggest that you use a food-grade dielectric grease to protect all electrical connections going into the AS-Interface module.  This is the same thing that you would do to your spark plug wires or battery terminals in your car.  If you fill all voids with grease, there is no way for the water to get in.  This grease is good for a very wide temperature range up to 400 degrees F and will stay in the liquid state and never harden.  And of course this silicone is nonconductive with a dielectric strength up to 500 V.

Tighten properly

It is very easy to not tighten enough or to tighten the cables or caps too much.  All the cables when screwed down will come in contact with an O-ring.  It is important that the connector press properly into this O-ring to make a good seal.  Use a torque screw driver specially designed for this purpose.  A separate bit can be purchased that grabs the ribbed part of the M12 connectors.  It’ll let you tighten the cables until you reach the .4 Nm limit and then stop.  You can use a standard torque screwdriver to tighten down all the caps as well.  We also have new caps that have the same ribbed design as the cables so you can just use one tool to tighten everything down.  Make sure to put the grease under blind caps too.  

A trouble-free installation starts with a good quality AS-Interface module and ends when all the necessary steps are taken to seal everything up properly. 

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