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Print 2013 is Here! #print13

Posted by Tim Cicerchi on Fri, Sep 06, 2013

The PRINT 2013 show, one of the most important printing & publishing tradeshows in United States, happens only once every four years. Don’t miss out. Everyone in the global printing industry comes to this show. Exhibitors show off their commercial printers, converters, and collating machines. Book binders and publishers attend to see what new technology is out there. And Pepperl+Fuchs' sensors are distinctively obvious everywhere you look.

Sheet verification sensor #print2013
Our photoelectric sensors are used for sheet presence and stack height monitoring. Encoders ensure precise cylinder speed and position control. Ultrasonic sensors provide double sheet detection, stack centering, and ink level detection. More advanced sensors monitor web break, splice, and print mark detection. We even have an inductive positioning system for web tension control feedback.

One of our most interesting products is the sheet verification sensor located at the Print Finishing Partners booth, #3182. WST manufactures signature recognition systems and bindery quality control systems and operates worldwide. The sensor that is installed on this WST machine is actually a high-resolution intelligent camera and used for signature/sheet verification.

For example, a book can include anywhere from 2 up to 20 signatures that are bound together. The camera takes a picture, or a series of pictures, of the first page of the signature. After a teach-in process, the system is ready to go. Every signature is now verified to the taught image. If there is any deviation, the machine can be stopped and the problem fixed.

Those in the industry know that it is extremely easy to mistakenly load the wrong sheets. The paper is typically loaded by hand and can be placed upside down or rotated. Operators could even grab pages that should be used on an adjacent machine. These systems are designed to eliminate human errors and run fast—up to 600 signatures a minute. The cameras can also be used to ensure the covers of books are in the correct orientation.

WST has integrated this camera into a complete verification system that includes touchscreen visualization, machine control, and advanced imaging technologies. Pepperl+Fuchs doesn’t sell this camera directly to post-press users but rather only directly to OEMs like WST who can integrate it into a complete control system. See us at the show to find out how this technology works and how it might benefit you.

Topics: Rotary Encoders, Ultrasonic Sensors, Photoelectric Sensors, Positioning Systems

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