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Vision Systems and Interesting Alternatives

Posted by Michael Turner on Tue, Aug 13, 2013

Machine vision systems are fast becoming a hot topic in factory automation. Pepperl+Fuchs is certainly ‘at home’ with automation technology. In fact, we're known for our innovative, cutting-edge products, including machine vision systems. But we're also known for providing our customers with an optimum solution to their operational requirements while keeping their expenses at a minimum.

Alternatives to Industrial Vision SystemsIt's important to understand that most vision systems are not standard, off-the-shelf systems; they are typically optimized for specific applications. So, they can be somewhat complex and costly. And they could still have limitations.

While they may be the best approach in some cases, sometimes there are more cost-efficient solutions.

Michael Turner, product manager for photoelectric sensors, shares his article that discusses vision systems—and some interesting alternatives. It was originally published in the July issue of Control Design magazine.

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Topics: Photoelectric Sensors, Industrial Vision

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