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Programming an Ultrasonic Sensor with Ultra 3000 Software

Posted by Sean Miller on Tue, Aug 06, 2013

To make programming really easy, we offer free software along with our ultrasonic sensors. Our 30 mm ultrasonic models have a programming plug next to the Teach-in plug. This plug requires the UC-30GM-R2 interface cable.

How to program an ultrasonic sensor

To program the unit, connect the interface cable to a PC. You can download the software or search for ultra3000 on our website.

Once the sensor is connected and the software is installed, you can program the sensor. Power the ultrasonic sensor before you open the program. The programming cable utilizes an RS232 interface and requires a SUB-D, 9-pin serial port. Since modern computers often do not come with this type of port, we also offer the USB-0.8M-PVC ABG-SUBD9 adapter that connects to a USB interface. Note: You will need full administrator rights to the PC for the software to work properly.

Ultra 3000 software

The main page displays a picture of an ultrasonic sensor and a script list on the right while the program starts, performs checks, and reads the distance. Depending on the model, you will either have digital or analog outputs. The analog outputs are displayed in the top right corner of the screen in the program. To perform simple programming, open the parameter window under the Windows tab located in the program header.

Ultrasonic sensor programming software

The first screen shows the current sensitivity settings and the width of the sonic beam. The Switch tab allows you to input the distances that determine when the sensor will switch. For an analog output sensor (models with IUR2), you can set a rising or falling ramp on a 4 mA ... 20 mA or 0 V ... 10 V scale. For switch output models, there is a slightly different screen.

You will see outputs 1 and 2 with the Operation Mode tab. This tab allows you to set up threshold values or windows for the output state of the sensor. These values can be normally open or normally closed. The sensor stores these values until the values are changed either by the programming plug or the software.

Ultrasonic sensor beam width

Ultra 3000 software help

The Help tab has fairly detailed descriptions of the input values, including cycle time, burst time, and other input features. Most of these values do not apply to basic distance or switch point applications. With the Ultra 3000 software, resetting the sensor to its default conditions is easy as there is a button located below the Windows tab for this purpose.

Ultra 3000 makes programming easy when you have access to a computer.

Recommendation: Supply power to the ultrasonic sensor prior to starting up the software to avoid any communication issues. Also, make sure that other software does not have the communication port that you plan on using reserved for another function. Freeing up the communication port easily resolves this common issue.


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