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WirelessHART Gateway and Adapter: Wireless Communication

Posted by Robert Schosker on Fri, Jun 21, 2013

A customer recently purchased our WirelessHART gateway and adapter. He successfully programmed the gateway and adapter with the Network ID and Join key and then joined the adapter to the WirelessHART network. The adapter was installed in a remote location.

WirelessHART communication

A few days later, the customer realized that he needed to change a burst mode command in his adapter. He did not want to drag his laptop and modem out to the site and he asked if he could access the adapter and reprogram it through the gateway located in his control center. The answer to his question was, yes, you can communicate with the WirelessHART adapter through the gateway wirelessly. To do this, just follow these simple steps.

Step 1

Build your WirelessHART structure in PACTware or any FDT-based software.

Build your WirelessHART structure

Step 2

Perform a soft double-click to rename the WHA-ADP.

Rename the Wireless HART adapter

Step 3

You need to rename the adapter to exactly what the LONG TAG name is.

Rename the WirelessHART adapter

Step 4

Rename the adapter.

WirelessHART devices

It’s as simple as that. WirelessHART devices like our WHA-ADP or our WHA-UT, which were built to the WirelessHART standard 7.1, communicate through the gateway via the long tag name and not the poll number.

The poll number is used only for setting up the Network ID and Join key.

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