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3 Simple Guidelines for Protecting Photoelectric Sensors from Damage

Posted by Michael Turner on Wed, Jun 19, 2013

Here are a few good ideas that you can use to protect your photoelectric sensors from the often unfavorable conditions found in the industrial world.

1. Prevention

Keeping the sensor out of harm’s way is the simplest, most cost-effective approach to ensure your photoelectric sensor survives for many years. Photoelectric sensors have a much larger sensing range compared to common proximity sensor technologies (e.g., inductive proximity sensors). This increased range lets you mount photoelectric sensors much farther away, a good safe distance from the object to be detected.

Protect photoelectric sensors from damage

2. Resistance

Photoelectric sensor with optical glass face

For greater peace of mind, or when it might not be possible to completely avoid external damage, you’ll want to use a sensor that’s built tough. For protection against the occasional scrape or scratch, a photoelectric sensor with a glass optical face rather than a plastic optical face is a simple solution. Glass is abrasion resistant and prevents dust from accumulating. Also, glass offers much better resistance to a broad range of chemicals than plastic does.

For photoelectric sensors with impact resistance or protection against damage from mishandling or negligence, we recommend a metal housing. Metal housings tend to cost a little more than their plastic counterparts, but the cost pales in comparison with the costs of machine downtime or maintenance and troubleshooting.

Photoelectric sensor with metal housing
Photoelectric sensors with glass optical face

Photoelectric sensors with metal housing

3. Protection

When all else fails, an external, protective solution such as a metal shroud is a better way to go. Typically made of high-grade steel or lightweight aluminum, a metal shroud surrounds and shields the sensor, protecting the sensor from extreme punishment and abuse.

Photoelectric sensor with metal shroud

Protective shrouds for popular photoelectric sensors



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