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Fieldbus Wiring Blocks or Segment Protectors are Far from Becoming a Commodity

Posted by Andreas Hennecke on Tue, Apr 02, 2013

Recently, featured an article by John Rezabek: Why Industrial Couplers Aren't Commodities?

A big thank you to John for his article! Adding to John's comments - the wiring blocks or fieldbus segment protectors are far from becoming simply a commodity.

Fieldbus segment protectorsLatest developments in these reliable components help increase fieldbus availability through a very progressive short-circuit protection that detects situations such as:

  • Chatter, which is contact bounce opening and closing the circuit repeatedly, e.g. loose contacts combined with vibration
  • Short-circuiting contact bounce, while drawing the fieldbus wires through the metal encasing
  • Overload conditions bordering on short-circuits, caused by water ingress

The last one is tough:  If load conditions change slowly the “brick” will gradually increase its internal resistance at the spur, looking to limit the load current at the spur.  This action reduces the signal level and signal to noise ratio.  A “good” fieldbus segment protector finds this scenario and switches the spur decisively.  

YES, one device is lost.  It is probably drowning at this moment and begging for attention anyway. BUT, the remainder of the fieldbus segment and thus the plant performance is protected.  

Latest features for fieldbus infrastructure get down to the nitty gritty and the “next level” of typical installation faults.  And it does so protecting the segment and bringing visibility and transparency automatically where manual checks used to be required.  

More features help users increase fieldbus segment availability such as an enclosure leakage sensor or a surge protector with self-diagnostics.  Have a look at our Intelligent Fieldbus for technical descriptions, white papers describing the technology, and assorted datasheets.

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