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Choosing the Correct Industrial Vision System

Posted by Todd Belt on Tue, Mar 26, 2013

..for your product assembly inspection application

Industrial vision systems are used to solve a variety of applications in a variety of manufacturing sectors. A typical application is to check the assembly of a product to ensure a process hasn’t been missed and all the components are where they belong. Industrial vision systems are available in different levels of complexity depending on the complexity of the application.

The economical way—for a simple assembly

The most economical way to ensure correct product assembly is to use a vision sensor.  Many manufacturers now offer a low-cost vision sensor like the Pepperl+Fuchs VOS312.  This type of sensor is rich in basic features and easy to use.

VOS312 Industrial Vision SensorThis vision sensor is best used in applications that require inspecting an assembly using separate tasks.  For example, maybe the application is looking for a snap ring, a couple bolts, and a label.  It’s possible the application has another vision sensor looking at the thickness of one of the components to ensure that two are not stacked on each other.  

The next level—for a more complex assembly

For more complex assemblies, you can use a smart camera or simple controller using multiple cameras similar to the Pepperl+Fuchs VMT PowerCube. The VMT PowerCube is a compact, high-performance vision system that controls one to four cameras.

VMT PowerCube Compact Vision SystemThis type of system can be used for multiple tasks. Additional tools are added to the base system software to perform complex tasks such as measurement or gauging applications, reading barcodes, or 2D and 3D offsets—in addition to all the basic functions of a vision sensor. They also offer industrial network connectivity and GigE ports.

PC-based PowerLine Industrial Vision System

When you require more detail and need to inspect many parts of the assembly

The next level is a complete PC-based vision system.  These systems can perform all the functions required to inspect an assembly.  They are more complex to use but add a lot of benefits for the user.  The Pepperl+Fuchs VMT PowerLine is a leader in these types of systems.

For example, this type of system would be used on an automotive line at the marriage station, where the chassis is married to the body.  At this station there are most likely 12 to 16 cameras performing multiple inspections and measurements to ensure everything is assembled and in its correct position before the marriage is performed.

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