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How Do I Connect a WirelessHART Adapter to a Pepperl+Fuchs Gateway?

Posted by Robert Schosker on Wed, Feb 20, 2013

Use PACTware software to program Wireless HART devices

Are you having trouble making the connection between Pepperl+Fuchs’ WirelessHART adapter and gateway? This post will take you step by step through the process of programming a Pepperl+Fuchs WHA-ADP (ADP) battery-powered adapter to connect to our WirelessHART gateway WHA-GW (GW) and PACTware 4.x (PW).

This walkthrough assumes you have already set the network parameters on your computer per the WHA-GW (GW) manual and have connected your gateway via the Ethernet line to your Ethernet port on your computer. The Ethernet cable must be a crossover cable if you are connecting directly to your computer.

1. The first step is to start PACTware 4.x.

2. Next, build your project tree within PACTware.  Right-click on “Host PC” and choose “Add device”. The device catalog will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. Choose HART IP COMMUNICATION. After adding this comm driver, right-click on it (HART IP) and click on “Add device”. Here you will add the WHA-GW (GW), the WirelessHART gateway.

Build your project tree for Wireless HART with Pactware

3. The next step is to right-click on GW and hit “Connect”. Once you have connected, you must right-click again on the GW, go to menu item “Parameter” and choose “Online parameterization”.

Connect the Wireless HART Gateway with Pactware

4. Once the online parameters are up on the right-hand screen, expand the tree by clicking on the “+”,then choose “Identification” and fill out the appropriate information. Hit Enter after every entry or change. Changes are saved automatically to GW.

Identify paraemeters for the Wireless HART Gateway with Pactware

5. Next click on “Setup” found under the expanded “Wireless Communication” to set the Network ID and Join Key. The Network ID can be a 5-digit number (no letters) and the Join Key is in hexadecimal. For this example, I set both numbers to something very simple. 1945 for Network ID and 00000001 for each Join Key. This is strictly for testing purposes only. For more information on the Network ID and Join Key, please refer to the GW manual.

Setup communication for the Wireless HART Gateway with Pactware

6. Now click on Write Join Information.
You have now set up the WirelessHART gateway for your wireless network.

Setup the Wireless HART Gateway for your wireless network with Pactware

7. The next step is to configure your adapter. You will need a HART modem as well as your ADP. Connect your HART modem to terminals 7 and 8. I am using a SMAR HI321 USB HART modem.

8. Open the lid of the ADP by loosening the four screws. Insert the W-BAT-B2-LI. Plug in the little white power connector to the opposing face of the ADP. You will see the three LEDS light up, indicating that the power is on.

9. You are now going to right-click on HOST PC and “Add device”. Choose the HART communications driver.

Add the HART communications driver using Pactware

10. After choosing the HART comm driver, you will need to set the parameters for this device. Either double-click the HART comm driver or right-click on the driver and choose “Parameter”. Set the parameters as shown in the following illustration.

Set parameters for the HART communications driver using Pactware

HART modem, select correct COM port (this port can be found in Device Mgr in Windows), Secondary Master, 10 preambles, 3 retries, start address 15, end address 15.  All ADPs from the factory have a default poll address of 15.

11. Right-click on HART comm driver and “Add device”. Choose the WHA-ADP. You will notice that the default address is 15.

12. Just like with the GW, right-click on the ADP and hit connect. Then right click again on the ADP and choose “Online parameterization.”

13. Once connected to the adapter, expand the tree by clicking on the “+” symbol and then click on “Identification”. Fill out the appropriate fields. Please note that the Long Tag field must be filled out. For this case, I have chosen to enter WHA_ADP.

Set parameters and identification for the HART communications driver using Pactware

14. Next click on “Wireless Communication”. In this field, you will enter the Network ID and Join Key of the GW you want to join. From earlier, we set the GW Network ID 1945 and all Join Keys to 00000001.

Setup wireless communication for the Wireless HART gateway using Pactware

15. Once this wireless communication information is set, go to Join Mode and change this to “Join now”.  Hit enter to accept the change.

Configure wireless communication for Wireless HART products using Pactware

16. Now click on the “Execute Join” button. You will be asked to write join values.  Hit Yes.

Online parameterization for Wireless HART products using Pactware software

17. You can now verify that your ADP has connected to the gateway or joined the network by observing the current screen you are on.  Look under the Execute Join button for update information. Checking for information can take several minutes. You will know you have joined the network when the appropriate boxes are checked.

Verify Wireless HART network communications using Pactware software

Congratulations! Your ADP has now joined your wireless HART network.


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