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How Are Mobile Equipment Sensors Different Than Industrial Sensors?

Posted by Joe Fye on Wed, Jan 02, 2013

Reliable mobile equipment vehicles demand industrial sensors that are tough enough to survive abuse day after day.

Industrial sensors for mobile equipmentEnduring extremely wide temperature ranges, the highest levels of shock and vibration, radio frequency noise, high-pressure wash-down, and exposure to corrosive chemicals, salts, fuels, lubricants, and solvents is just another day on the job.  

IEC 947-5-2 is the de facto international standard for “factory floor” sensors and switches, and it is well suited for the qualification of products installed in controlled environments. However, to survive the rigorous electrical and environmental conditions inherent in outdoor mobile equipment, mobile equipment sensors must be qualified to standards far beyond traditional sensors.

ISO 13766 for earth-moving equipment, ISO 14982 for agricultural and forestry machinery, ISO 13309 for construction machinery, and ISO 16750 for road vehicles, each has its own application-specific set of performance standards that must be met to ensure reliable operation.

Furthermore, the European EMC-directive “e1-approval” for public road vehicles 2004/104/EG and the American SAE standards for trucks, buses, and public service vehicles, have specific electrical requirements for the products used in such areas.

Pepperl+Fuchs has many years of experience in sensor design and manufactures tough, versatile, and intensively tested proximity sensors for the mobile equipment industry.  Qualified to the world’s most stringent performance standards, these proximity sensors provide unprecedented service life and reliability.  When your equipment has to operate in extreme environments, sensors designed specifically for the application are necessary.

Pepperl+Fuchs sensor technologies for use on mobile equipment vehicles include:

  • Inductive proximity sensors
  • Photoelectric proximity sensors
  • Capacitive proximity sensors
  • Ultrasonic proximity sensors
  • Inclination sensors
  • Rotary encoders
  • AS-Interface
  • RFID systems
Free Download: Tough Sensors for Mobile Equipment

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