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How to Replace an AS-Interface Safety Monitor with Gateway

Posted by Helge Hornis on Tue, Dec 18, 2012

Replacing an actuator sensor interface K30 Series safety monitor

If you have been following this blog you probably read about our How-To video on replacing an AS-Interface (actuator sensor interface) safe input module. 

Actuator sensor interface K30 safety controller

We also covered the replacement process for situations involving the consortium Safety Monitor, which is offered by Pepperl+Fuchs and many other competing suppliers, as well as the procedure when one of the newer KE4 or K30 safety monitors/controllers is being used.

Recently, we started discussing how to replace the Safety Monitor itself. We started by covering the procedure for the first generation Pepperl+Fuchs VAS-2A-K12 or any of the identical versions offered by the members of the safety consortium and then demonstrated the procedure for the new second generation KE4 safety controller. This unit takes advantage of a chip card that stores the safety configuration. This chip card makes the dedicated jumper cable that was formerly used when replacing a first generation Safety Monitor a thing of the past.

This post's video goes over the same process for the second generation K30 safety controller with integrated gateway. This safety controller is by far the most powerful unit available for AS-Interface. In contrast to the consortium device and the VAS-2A8L-KE4-8SE, this controller evaluates safety devices on two networks and has the ability to control 16 independent release circuits. Just like the VAS-2A8L-KE4-8SE, the K30 units utilize a chip card; no jumper cable required.

Because these safety controllers have an integrated gateway, the process is a tad more involved, as both the safety configuration and the network configuration are transferred. Don’t worry. As you will see in the video, the process is still simple and can be accomplished in minutes.

Topics: Troubleshooting, AS-Interface

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