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How to Replace an AS-Interface Safety Controller

Posted by Helge Hornis on Tue, Nov 27, 2012

Specifically, the VAS-2A8L-KE4-8SE stand-alone safety controller

AS-Interface Safety Controller

When AS-Interface Safety at Work was discussed for the first time well over 10 years ago, the members of the safety consortium that jointly developed the technology defined a couple of critical requirements.  One of those was that Safety at Work field devices must be replaceable without the need for complex tools.  In fact, the group realized that, in order to be successful in the market, there cannot be any meaningful difference between this new technology and the old hardwired approach when it comes to product replacement.  As you can see in a previous post, replacing a faulty safety module is simple, fast, and does not require any tools.

In addition to safety devices and safe input modules, a Safety at Work system also requires a Safety Monitor (frequently called safety controller).  Since failed safety relays can be replaced without any knowledge of the safety application, the safety consortium decided that the same must be true for Safety at Work.  If your application uses the Safety Monitor that was jointly developed by all members of the safety consortium, you can easily replace the safety monitor. It does not matter if your product carries a Pepperl+Fuchs name (e.g. VAS-2A-K12), or the label of any of the other companies that participated in the development.

But since the release of the consortium Safety Monitor nearly 10 years have gone by.  Thousands of users have employed Safety at Work systems and provided invaluable feedback.  This led to the development of a new compact safety controller, designed to replace the older unit in all new applications.  But just as before, replacing the VAS-2A8L-KE4-8SE had to be possible without tools.  While replacing the consortium Safety Monitor was easy and quick and only required the dedicated jumper cable, this new unit had to be even simpler.  Watch the video and you will see that the process is better due to the integrated chip card; no jumper cable is necessary.  You will also find that the color-coded removable terminals (something you find on all Pepperl+Fuchs IP20 modules) are considerably easier to work with.

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