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What Is an Aseptic HMI Workstation?

Posted by Kristen Barbour on Fri, Nov 16, 2012

An aseptic HMI workstation or cleanroom HMI is a visualization system specially designed for use in the pharmaceutical industry.

Aseptic HMI Workstation for cleanroom areas
An aseptic HMI workstation provides those working in a cleanroom with visual access to the connected process or application via an LCD, typically in the form of graphical images, graphs, or pictures. Seeing this information lets you quickly determine the status of the process being displayed.

As you might expect, bacterial growth must be carefully controlled and inhibited in pharmaceutical applications. The aseptic or cleanroom design means that the HMI solution has been optimized for easy mounting in a typical pharmaceutical cleanroom or production facility while also being resistant to biological growth. The design includes special finishes such as #4 finish/230 grit and other mechanical features to reduce or impede the growth of bacteria. These mechanical features include the design of the unit and the dual sealing gasket, which enable the unit to be installed without the need for RTV.

This video shows the installation of an aseptic HMI workstation for a cleanroom environment.


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