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How to Replace an AS-Interface Safety Monitor

Posted by Helge Hornis on Thu, Nov 15, 2012

Replacing a consortium monitor is fairly easy...

How to Replace an AS-Interface Safety Monitor Recently we put together a how-to video showing you the simple steps necessary when replacing an AS-Interface safe input module.  Recall that any AS-Interface safe input module can be replaced quickly and without the need for additional tools.  A maintenance person performing this operation only needs an identical, new, out of stock replacement module; no specific knowledge of the operation of the safety system is necessary. 

Consequently, from the point of view of a maintenance person having to replace a failed safety device, there is no meaningful difference between a Safety at Work solution and conventional hardwired safety.

Now it is time to cover the replacement procedure for the other component in an AS-Interface Safety at Work system: the safety monitor (some people call it safety controller.) 

AS-Interface Safety at Work has been around for about 10 years and was developed by a group of competing suppliers that pooled ideas, resources, and talent and formed the Safety Consortium.  One development that came out of this group was the first generation safety monitor

Initially, all competing members of the Safety Consortium offered exactly the same safety monitor – this is why I like to call this the “consortium monitor.” (More recently, we started to differentiate ourselves and a new development was released).

The consortium monitor is still out in the field in great numbers; reason enough to cover its exchange.  If you have a Pepperl+Fuchs unit its model name starts with VAS and contains the K12 housing designator somewhere in its name (e.g. VAS-2A-K12).  If your unit is not from Pepperl+Fuchs but looks identical to ours – the top cover may be yellow, red, orange, or any other color – just watch the video showing you how to replace the K12 safety monitor. Since all these units are identical, the procedures are identical.

Just like replacing a safe input module, the Safety Consortium designed the safety monitor so that the replacement process does not require complex tools.  It is also not necessary to have access to the safety program running on a failed safety monitor.  You do not need a PC or the configuration password either.  In fact, you really do not have to know anything about the safety system at all. 

Simply follow the steps described in the video and get your system back up and running in about one minute.  You need to know just one important piece of information.  When replacing a consortium safety monitor (from Pepperl+Fuchs or any other supplier) make sure you use the dedicated jumper cable shown in the video.  Don’t use a conventional Ethernet cable as this may damage the internal components on the replacement unit!

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