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Setting Up a Safety Controller as a Safety PLC

Posted by Helge Hornis on Thu, Jun 28, 2012

Safety relays have typically been used to safeguard machines and protect workers. But this approach has its drawbacks: The wiring is complex, it's inflexible, lacks useful diagnostics, and it's expensive.

 VAS-2A8L-KE4-8SE safety controller
While all of these issues have been addressed by networked safety solutions like AS-Interface Safety at Work, networking safety just isn't economical for small systems, those machines that need only a few safe inputs.

That's where the our new safety controller comes in. Like networked safety solutions, it addresses the shortcomings of conventional safety relays, but then it goes a step further. It's ideal for even the smallest safety installations, but you're not limited if your system needs to grow. It includes an expansion port that gives this safety controller the ability to grow when your system grows and demands multiply. Setup is easy and intuitive using a visual, Windows-based drag & drop PC configuration tool.

In this video I'll show you how easy it is to set up our safety controller with the integrated expansion port. The expansion port allows you to connect safe and non-safe I/O to the controller and gives it the ability to control a surprisingly large safety system without having to use a PLC...

Watch the rest of the video to see how it all comes together!

Topics: AS-Interface, Software

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