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Because Sometimes You Need More Than an Intrinsic Safety Barrier

Posted by David Hohenstein on Thu, Sep 03, 2015

There are times when you need only an intrinsic safety barrier or surge protection to get the job done. But what if you need more than just a component, something more customized, something like a complete system solution—including documentation and certification? Sure, you could always build your own and have it certified yourself. But it's time consuming, and the number of approval standards and certification bodies is enormous. You really need to be focusing on keeping your plant running.


What if you could get a custom-designed, fully certified solution from a single supplier as a point of contact? That's where Pepperl+Fuchs' SEC comes into play.

What the heck is the SEC?

The SEC is our Solution Engineering Center. The business of the SEC is simple: understand the customer's needs, understand their business and their challenges and concerns, and work together on a housing and system solution that's designed to satisfy their needs. These solutions can range from conventional interface switch cabinet solutions to remote I/O controllers, FieldConnex® fieldbus solutions, and junction boxes, as well as control and distribution panels in flameproof Ex d, increased safety Ex e, or purge and pressurization Ex p protection types—made-to-order system solutions with full documentation and certification.

A worldwide network for unmatched efficiency

We have a group of SECs that are located in nearly a dozen locations all over the world, from Buehl in Germany, Wednesbury in the UK, and Burago in Italy, to Houston, Texas and Twinsburg, Ohio in the US,  Beijing, Melbourne, Bangalore, and other locations. By having SECs in these worldwide locations, we have the opportunity to distribute and balance our workload across the SECs. It's easier to work closely with our customers, respond to local conditions and market requirements, and manage international projects.

We handle everything . . . and we mean everything

We are responsible for everything from production drawings to procurement, construction, wiring, and acceptance testing. We handle all of your documentation and explosion protection certification before we deliver your custom-built system solution, ready for connection, anywhere in the world. And we do it all while you keep the plant running. Customized solutions for hazardous locations. Get the SEC Guidebook

Topics: Approvals/ Certifications, Hazardous Area Enclosures/ Equipment, Intrinsic Safety Barriers

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