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Can Cyber Physical Systems Simplify PLC Logic?

Posted by Helge Hornis on Wed, Jun 18, 2014

I should start by mentioning that Pepperl+Fuchs has the pleasure of working with automation engineers every day. They build incredible machines by reducing the most complex problems into a number of simpler tasks. Those tasks are automated, put in sequence, and at the end, they ship a machine that transforms raw material or small components into our everyday items. But, there is one aspect of such machines that is frequently overlooked: diagnostics.

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Why the Incredible G10 Housing is an AS-Interface Game Changer

Posted by Helge Hornis on Tue, Mar 11, 2014

AS-Interface is all about simplifying the designs of a control system, reducing the complexity of the wiring,cutting the cost of the installation, improving diagnostics, and making automation more productive.

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How Long Can an AS-Interface Network Really Be?

Posted by Helge Hornis on Wed, Jan 29, 2014

Ed. note: This article is co-authored by Fabio Di Bernardo ( Fabio is a Lead Development Engineer at Pepperl+Fuchs (Mannheim, Germany) and is responsible for the development of AS-Interface field devices and Safety at Work components.

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AS-Interface - What is Bit Time?

Posted by Helge Hornis on Tue, Jan 21, 2014

In communicating systems, bit time is the time it takes for one data bit to be injected into a given network.  The main advantage of the bit time concept is that it makes discussions concerning network response times and delays quite easy; in fact, time independent.

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Topics: Terminology, AS-Interface, Ask an Expert

AS-Interface Optimizes Pharmaceutical Processes

Posted by Helge Hornis on Tue, Dec 10, 2013

AS-Interface is a low-level I/O solution we have talked about quite a bit in this blog; just use the navigation at the right to see all the topics we have covered in the last year or so.  By now our readers probably know that it is an open technology supported by 300 vendors, and over 24 million field modules have been installed.  As impressive as that may be, users care more about where it can be used and why they should consider it.  

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Why Would Anybody Use AS-Interface for Analog Signals?

Posted by Helge Hornis on Thu, Aug 15, 2013

Not an uncommon question. After all everybody "knows" that AS-Interface was developed for the transmission of simple binary (i.e., on/off) data and is much too slow and generally not suitable for analog signals.

Really? While the first part of this statement is certainly true, AS-Interface was developed with binary data in mind, the second part of the statement is questionable at best and simply not true for typical industrial applications.

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Topics: AS-Interface

Safety Encoders — the Next Step in Creating Safer Machines

Posted by Helge Hornis on Thu, Aug 01, 2013

Rotary encoders with integrated functional safety

Historically, functional safety was based on an all-or-nothing approach. If safety devices such as e-stops, door switches, and light curtains were in the released state, the machine was running. When you pushed an e-stop or interrupted a light curtain, the machine shut down.

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Topics: Rotary Encoders, Applications, AS-Interface

Listen and Learn…About AS-Interface

Posted by Helge Hornis on Mon, Feb 04, 2013

Tune into Pepperl+Fuchs’ TechTalk Podcasts on Actuator Sensor Interface

AS-Interface is the world’s most popular low-level I/O and safety network. According to AS-International there are currently over 24 million field devices in operation, making its popularity and success undisputed.  The reason for this can probably be best summarized by two words: simplicity and flexibility. 

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Topics: Terminology, AS-Interface, Ask an Expert

What is an RFID Reader?

Posted by Helge Hornis on Thu, Jan 10, 2013

RFID readers perform important operations that make using an RFID system easy

RFID readers are used to read from, and in most cases write data to, an RFID tag. Since RFID tag systems utilize radio waves to exchange information between an RFID tag and some kind of control system (PC, PLC, DCS), RFID readers are transmitters and receivers of radio waves.  Frequently, RFID readers are also called read/write heads and some people have called them RFID sensors. Independent of what they are called, RFID readers perform several very important operations that make using an RFID system easy.

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How to Replace an AS-Interface Safety Monitor with Gateway

Posted by Helge Hornis on Tue, Dec 18, 2012

Replacing an actuator sensor interface K30 Series safety monitor

If you have been following this blog you probably read about our How-To video on replacing an AS-Interface (actuator sensor interface) safe input module. 

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Topics: Troubleshooting, AS-Interface

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