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5 Ways to Track Your Solar Tracker

Posted by Chuck Juda on Fri, Jan 18, 2013

Single-axis and dual-axes solar trackers move PV panels to follow the sun

Solar PV panels operate at their greatest conversion efficiency when the incoming light rays strike the panel’s surface perpendicular to the plane of the panels.  Considering that the sun is a constantly moving light source, this would occur only once per day with a stationary installation!   However, a mechanical system, known as a solar tracker, can be used to constantly move the PV panel to directly face the sun.  Solar trackers typically increase the power generated by a solar array from 20% to as much as 40%.  

There are many variants of solar tracker designs, involving different approaches and technologies for moving the PV panels to follow the sun.  Fundamentally, however, solar trackers can be divided into two basic types: single-axis and dual axis.  

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Topics: Rotary Encoders, Applications, Ultrasonic Sensors, Inclination Sensors, Positioning Systems

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