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Anti-Swing Software and Inductive Sensors Raise Your Mobile Equipment to a Higher Level

Posted by Patricia Stafford on Thu, Jul 07, 2016

Controlling the motion of cranes, hoists, and other mobile equipment while avoiding accidents is a vital part of ensuring their safe and efficient operation. Vertical lift applications can be trickier and pose greater risks than working with horizontal conveyor belts, which tend to be more steady and predictable.

CraneRecently, I read an interesting blog post on mobile equipment that I think is well worth sharing. You can learn more about how to achieve the best precision and safety for your mobile equipment by reading the article called “Think Outside the Box for Cranes and Hoists” by Tony Young, Owner of CP Automation. This article has been published at here.

In his article, Mr. Young talks about the physical challenges that can arise when working with cranes and hoists. He offers practical advice regarding best practices, with valuable insight on how to use anti-swing software to calculate and compensate for unwanted motion. Another consideration he mentions is the importance of partnering with experts in related fields, such as automation and control companies, engineers, and training instructors.

Using the right sensors is another basic factor that optimizes mobile equipment performance. For example, we offer industrial sensors specifically geared to truck mounted cranes. These sensors are ideal when it comes to withstanding shock, vibration, rough weather conditions, and wide-ranging temperatures.

Truck mounted crane

Mobile Crane The following list describes the different kinds of sensors that you can use with cranes.

  1. An INY series inclinometer can be used to detect the boom position.
  2. An inductive sensor from the mobile equipment family can be used to detect the cab home position.
  3. A PMI inductive measuring systems sensor, series F90 or 110, can be used to monitor the continuous absolute wheel steering position, and an inductive sensor from the mobile equipment family can be used to indicate the wheel steer home position.
  4. An inductive sensor from the mobile equipment family can be used for outrigger monitoring.
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