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An Inductive Proximity Sensor for Every Application

Posted by David Rubinski on Mon, Nov 11, 2019

No matter the industry, application, or metal target, Pepperl+Fuchs has an inductive proximity sensor that can provide reliable object detection. Ranging from Basic Series sensors, which combine accuracy, durability, and cost effectiveness, to the ruggedized metal face Pile Driver and Mobile Equipment Series, choosing the best inductive sensor from our broad portfolio depends entirely on the needs of your application.

  • Basic Series inductive sensors combine accuracy, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Offered in various housing styles, such as cylindrical, cube, and rectangular, these sensors feature different connection and mounting options.

  • Extended Range Series sensors offer sensing range up to 200 % longer than that of standard inductive sensors. They allow for target detection farther from the sensing face.

  • Enhanced Series sensors are similar to basic sensors but designed with a wider temperature range in mind.

  • Reduction Factor 1 Series sensors can detect ferrous and nonferrous metals at the same distance without a reduction factor. They are perfect for applications that involve both steel and aluminum part detection.

  • IO-Link Series sensors are reduction factor 1 sensors optimized for Industry 4.0—users benefit from parameter data storage for automatic configuration, remote parameterization, extended diagnostics, and reduced cabling.

  • Pile Driver Series sensors can operate in the most difficult plant applications, resisting weld spatter and abrasion. They come in both standard and weld-immune models.

  • Mobile Equipment Series sensors are designed to withstand the stresses of mobile equipment applications with wide supply voltage tolerance and load dump protection.

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