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6 Reasons to Consider EV Ethernet AS-Interface Gateways

Posted by Danius Silgalis on Thu, Jul 14, 2016

when setting up AS-Interface networks

The heart of any AS-Interface network is the AS-Interface master. Below are 6 great features you should take advantage of in AS-Interface gateways.

Ethernet/IP Dual Network Gateway

1. Decoupling coils built into the gateway

On AS-Interface systems, data and power are transmitted on the same cable. Because DC and high frequency communication components are present on AS-Interface, power conditioning circuitry is required. Our AS-Interface power supplies contain internal data decoupling coils so that capacitive filtering of the supply does not interfere with the data stream.  With –EV gateways, the decoupling coils are built in. As a result, AS-Interface power supplies are no longer required to power up the gateway. Any 30 VDC power supply can now be considered.

2. One power supply for two AS-Interface networks

On –EV gateways, there is only one black connector for AS-Interface power. If a 30 VDC, 8A power supply is connected to AS-Interface power, then 4A gets distributed equally for each network.   This presents an immediate cost savings, as you are no longer required to have 2 power supplies to power up AS-Interface networks 1 and 2. However, each AS-Interface network is limited to 4A maximum on –EV gateways.

AS-Interface Power Supply3. Current consumption from both AS-Interface circuits is read directly on the unit

–EV gateways display the maximum current and the current actually present in the respective AS-Interface circuit.

AS-Interface display 14. Self-resetting fuses

When there is a short circuit in one of the two AS-Interface circuits, the functional circuit and the gateway remain operational.

AS-Interface Display 2

5. AS-Interface power 24V capable

This feature is advantageous when considering smaller systems. Using a standard 24 V power supply, a 50 m AS-Interface network can be set up. 

6. Integrated web server

Web server diagnostics are available with (-EV) gateways over Ethernet.  No additional software must be purchased. This feature no longer requires Control Tools to view the AS-Interface diagnostics reported.

Key Features of Ethernet/IP Modbus/TCP AS-Interface Gateways

AS-Interface gateways noted in this post:

AS-Interface gateway VBG-ENX-K20-DMD-EV

AS-Interface gateway/safety monitor VBG-ENX-K30-DMD-S16-EV

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