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5500 Series Type Z Purge Control System for Division 2 or Zone 2

Posted by Chris Romano on Thu, Sep 25, 2014

Part 1- The control system, mounting components, and hardware

The 5500 series is our new Z purge system and Ex pz purge system. Part 1 of this product introduction takes a close look at the type Z purge control system and its mounting components and hardware.


These type Z purge units are certified for ATEX, IECex, NEC class/divisions - Class I, Division 2 and Class II, Division 2, groups A-D and E, F, G, Zone 2 and 22.


Welcome to Pepperl+Fuchs' presentation of the Z purge 5500 series components. This is a Type Z/ Ex pz system. My name is Chris Romano, and I am the product portfolio manager for purge systems here at Pepperl+Fuchs.

Today we're going to be talking about the 5500 series type Z purge system. It's made up of the control system, which has an internal mount unit and an external mount unit along with some mounting hardware. It also has a vent, which is required for purge/pressurization for the relief vent, and optional solenoid valves to get the protective gas inside the enclosure for purging and pressurization.

The 5500 series Z purge control system consists of two parts. You have the option of ordering it as an external mount, which mounts on the outside of the enclosure through these mounting tabs, or you can choose the internal mount, which mounts inside the enclosure. Through these tabs, it mounts on the enclosure, and you can do a cutout of the enclosure, and this gasket provides a nice seal. The only thing visible from the outside of the enclosure is this display. The wiring for the system is done through the back, through this plate.

Now, these Z purge units are available with AC and DC voltage. The AC version is 95 V to 250 V. The DC version is 20 V to 30 V.

The display on the external mount unit can be rotated. While it is designed to be mounted vertically, if you were to mount it horizontally on top of the enclosure or on the side, you could certainly rotate the display so that you can see it and read it.

As for the reference ports on the unit, there's a differential pressure sensor inside that measures the pressure, and it is done through these ports on the side of the external mount. You have to reference inside the enclosure. So you can do that through this port. On the internal mount, you have to reference the outside environment, which can be done through this port.

The unit also comes with different types of cable glands. If you take a look here, right now we have conduit. This is a half inch conduit opening for NEC requirements. We also offer this with cable glands. You have the option of stainless steel or nickel-plated brass. The cable glands are mostly used for the ATEX/ IECex certification. In mounting the Z purge system, we offer some mounting kits that will make it a little bit easier to mount the unit.

If you look here, we offer some mounting hardware. It's a sealing washer and bolts. The sealing washer is a NEMA4X type washer, and it provides a nice attachment for the 5500 series.

I mentioned about the reference pressure - in order for the unit to work, you have to measure differential pressure, and that's done through this port. For example, on the external mount you have to reference the inside pressure, which is a higher pressure. To do that, we include, along with the mounting hardware, specific mounting hardware for the reference pressure. This is a bulkhead fitting, and the O ring to provide a seal. This goes through the enclosure. And a fitting that will screw on to this port and provide you with a connection from our 5500 unit to the enclosure. Along with that, we offer some poly tubing and these inserts that go into the ends of the tube. These inserts provide you with a strength for this ferrule-type fitting. That will provide you with a nice reference pressure and easy mounting. You can also use stainless steel tubing if you wish.

That completes the explanation of the components for the 5500 series Z purge system. We have the control units (external mount or internal mount) with the mounting hardware, and the vent, which is a pressure relief. These items are required for type Z, Ex pz system. Next, we offer these optional manifold systems for getting purging and pressurization of the enclosure. Again, the manifolds are an optional system. You can certainly use manual valves, you can use your own valving system, because again, the purge flow is based on the pressure inside the enclosure, which is measured through the control units. These units are certified for ATEX, IECex, NEC class/divisions - Class I, Division 2 and Class II, Division 2, groups A-D and E, F, G, and Zone 2 and 22. So they are good for gas and dust atmospheres.

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