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5500 Series Ex pz Purge System with Optional Manifold

Posted by Chris Romano on Tue, Oct 21, 2014

Part 3- optional manifold systems and mounting kits

The 5500 series is a Z Purge System and an Ex pz Purge System. Part 3 focuses on optional manifold systems to provide you with purging and pressurization. A mounting kit is also available, to allow the manifold system to be mounted inside or outside of the enclosure.





Welcome to Pepperl+Fuchs' presentation of the Z purge 5500 series components. This is a Type Z/ Ex pz system. My name is Chris Romano, and I am the product portfolio manager for purge systems here at Pepperl+Fuchs.

Today we're going to be talking about the 5500 series Z purge system. It's made up of the control system, which here, we have an internal mount unit and an external mount unit along with some mounting hardware. The vent, which is required for purge/pressurization for the relief vent, and optional solenoid valves to get the protective gas inside the enclosure for purging and pressurization.

The 5500 series system consists of the control unit and the vents. So, now you need to get air inside the enclosure. The way this system works is that the flow rate to determine the purge time is based on the enclosure pressure, so we have tested that through each individual vent, if the enclosure pressure is a certain value, then your flow rate will be a certain corresponding value. We offer curves in the manual that will indicate pressure vs. flow through each vent. With that information, part of the certification does not really involve the valving system that gets the air inside the enclosure, however, you do have to have approved size valves to make sure that you are conforming to the certifications. However, we offer optional manifold systems to provide you with purging and pressurization.

We have the first valve, which is this manifold system. You can take a look at this manifold system, and it actually looks like the 6000 series manifold. The 6000 series uses an intrinsically safe coil.

For the 5500 series, the manifold is not going to be intrinsically safe. This will be Ex em, for the ATEX and IECex version. The coil will have a 3 m cable coming out of it so that you can terminate it to the 5500 control system. Just like the 6000 series, you have IN and OUT ports for your system, and you have a dual In and OUT port on the other side as well, so that, in case you want the OUT to be IN, you can easily swap the ports on both sides. It's very easy to change the valving on this unit. The manifold has a solenoid valve that will energize for purging the enclosure, and that's through the SV of the control unit, those contacts for SV. To set your pressure inside the enclosure, after it has finished purging, this is done through this needle valve stem, and a flat-head screwdriver can adjust that in a simple way. So that is with this type of manifold.

This is an ATEX or IECex rated valve or an AFM/CSA/Class/Division rated valve. The Class/Division rated valve will have a conduit for explosion-proof and 24 inches of cable coming out for termination to the control unit. Just keep in mind that when you order these valves, that you have to specify the voltage. These come in 24 VDC, 120 VAC, or 230 VAC. If you are using a 5500 series that is an AC model, and that 5500 control unit operates on 95-250 VAC, you still have to specify what voltage you will be operating the valve at. If that unit is being operated at 120 VAC, you would use a 120 VAC valve. If the unit is being operated at 230 VAC, then you would use a 230 VAC valve.

We have another manifold valving system that basically does the same thing, except this unit is UL/CSA certified. For shops that require a UL certification on the whole system, this unit will provide you with a UL certification for Class/Divisions. It mounts a little bit differently, and the porting is a little bit different too. What we have here is our IN port and our OUT port. Those are pretty much set and they come with fittings. We also have a coil on here that has a 1/2 inch NPT with 24 inches of cable coming out. The customer will run this back to 5500 control system, through a conduit system. With this manifold system, the unit can be adjusted with a hex key through this port. It will set your pressurization. The coil is used for purging and the port is used for after purging, for pressurizing the enclosure. So you would turn the hex key and it would increase or decrease the flow into the enclosure. It acts like a needle valve like it does on the other 5500 series manifold. The hex key is included with the UL rated type valve.

Along with these systems, you will get the tubing, about six feet, along with these inserts, which go inside the tubing, and you can clamp them to this type of ferrule compression fitting. The inserts are required so that it doesn't collapse the tube, and provides you with a ridgid connection to these compression fittings. Along with the tubing, we also offer the bulkhead fitting. It has an O ring on it to give a seal to the enclosure. The manifold can be mounted on the outside of the enclosure, and that will get your air supply into the  enclosure.

Along with that, we have a mounting kit which offers four sealing washers and four bolts, so that you can bolt the manifold to the enclosure, or, without the bolts, they just screw right into the manifold. Either on the top or on the side. This is really good for mounting inside the enclosure, so that the only part that is shown is the stem. The UL/CSA manifold can be mounted inside the enclosure or outside the enclosure, either one. The mounting kit provides you with a really quick, easy way to mount the manifolds and get your air supply into the enclosure for purging and pressurization.

That completes the explanation of the components for the 5500 series Z purge system. We have the control units (external mount or internal mount) with the mounting hardware, and the vent, which is a pressure relief. These items are required for type Z, Ex pz system. Next, we offer these optional manifold systems for getting purging and pressurization of the enclosure. Again, the manifolds are an optional system. You can certainly use manual valves, you can use your own valving system, because again, the purge flow is based on the pressure inside the enclosure, which is measured through the control units. These units are certified for ATEX, IECex, NEC class/divisions - Class I, Division 2 and Class II, Division 2, groups A-D and E, F, G, and Zone 2 and Zone 22. So they are good for gas and dust atmospheres.


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