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5 Applications for Photoelectric Sensors

Posted by Anne Wagner on Thu, Feb 21, 2019

Photoelectric sensors use visible red light or infrared light detected by a receiver to determine the distance away an object is and the interruption in light emitted. Excellent for use in automation, photoelectric sensors provide fast, non-contact detection for multiple applications.

Photoelectric sensors come in different housing styles, types, and sizes and can be adapted to industry needs for any application. This new technology can be used in many applications in industry and automation and has the speed, accuracy, and reliability we expect from each sensor we provide.

An application for every industry:

R201 photoelectric sensor 1. Automotive

In the construction of a car body, each part needs to be transported down the line with precision. Skids must speed up, slow down, and stop in front of each station to be welded, riveted, and glued with no errors in timing. The R201 with polarization filter can be used to regulate skid speed in this application, ensuring that the skid will slow or stop when the sensor’s beam is blocked by said skid. Glossy materials and materials with a reflective surface do not affect these sensors, making them ideal for many industrial processes.

2. Material HandlingLS682 optical data coupler

Automated storage technology, stacker cranes, and the LS682 optical data coupler with wireless data transfer make it easier to store and transfer goods in warehouses. This data coupler provides reliability and efficiency and is a wireless way to track and communicate with objects in transit inside warehouse storage facilities.


3. Machine EngineeringPepperl+Fuchs retroreflective sensors

Our sensors also ensure reliable and safe operation in theme parks. Retroreflective sensors with polarization filter (MLV12-54/47/92) detect the position of a carriage to be set on and off the tracks of a rollercoaster. A carriage can successfully be removed from the tracks once it has been detected. This ensures no mistakes are made during carriage placement and removal.



4. Food and BeverageR201 series diffuse mode sensor

Bottle cap feeding machines must align and orient each bottle cap in the correct position for bottling. With an R201 series diffuse mode sensor, even the smallest feed error registers, and incidents are stopped before a capping mistake occurs. This provides accuracy that saves time and money.


5. Doors, Gates, and Elevatorsbus automatic door

Buses have automatic doors that open and close as people pass beneath the incorporated sensors. The sensors need to see the entire area of the doorway to allow people in and out of the bus. The PROSCAN active infrared scanner scans the entire step and door area to ensure that people approaching or standing in front of the door are detected.



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