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5 Accessories That Will Extend the Life of Your Cylindrical Proximity Sensor

Posted by Tarik Matar on Thu, Sep 17, 2015

Proximity sensors are a great choice for applications that sense metal targets at a certain distance. To help improve the lifetime of your proximity sensor, here are some product ideas:


1. Cushion mount bracket

This provides up to 10 mm of protection against overtravel of the target. It consists of two sleeves made of anodized aluminum and nickel-plated jam nuts. A fiberglass-reinforced nylon material is used to create the end cap, which is tapered at 30° to protect the sensor face from shearing. Available for 8 mm (CM-08), 12 mm (CM-12), 18 mm (CM-18), and 30 mm (CM-30) diameter cylindrical sensors.

2. Block cushion mount

This provides surface-mountable protection against accidental target contact for standard shielded inductive sensors. The block-shaped outer housing includes an inner sleeve that secures the sensor and a plastic protective cap for the sensor face. Available for 8 mm (BCM-08), 12 mm (BCM-12), and 18 mm (BCM-18) diameter cylindrical sensors.

3. End stop adapter

Using a hardened screw and spring-loaded piston, this adapter threads over the sensor, turning a standard 8 mm diameter, shielded, inductive sensor into a durable mechanical stop switch. These adapters are useful for applications where end-of-travel signals are required and are available in 25 mm (ES-08-25) and 50 mm (ES-08-50) lengths.

4. PTFE protection cap

These caps repel weld slag and protect sensors from impact damage. Available for 12 mm (TC-12-U), 18 mm (TC-18-U), 30 mm (TC-30-U), and cube (TC-RHINO) style sensors.

5. Selecting the proper cable

Throughout the wide variety of cables we offer, there is a right choice for any type of application. It is crucial to choose the right cable for your project, and by doing so you can improve the lifetime and performance of any proximity sensor. For assistance in choosing the right cordset, please check out our blog post: “What Cordset Do I Need."

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