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3 Unique Advantages of EV Ethernet AS-Interface Gateways

Posted by Danius Silgalis on Fri, Feb 03, 2017

AS-Interface gateways are the core of the wiring system.  They serve as the link between the sensor/actuator level of AS-Interface and the upper-level bus systems where PLCs (programmable logic controllers), PCs or other field bus systems reside.

3 Unique Advantages of EV Ethernet AS-Interface Gateways

Pepperl-Fuchs offers K30 EV Ethernet AS-Interface gateways with an integrated safety monitor.  Three key advantages of these AS-Interface gateways that should be considered when deciding on your AS-Interface master are listed below.

1. Ethernet diagnostics interface for remote diagnostics

Dedicated IP Address for diagnostic port; allow diagnostics for both the gateway and the AS-Interface networks (including Safety technology) over Ethernet without additional software.  

Ethernet diagnostics interface2. Diagnostic code substitution

Enables availability of diagnostics information on safety-relevant input slaves directly in the cyclical I/O data in PLC (programmable logic controller).

Diagnostics information

3. Safe Link

Safe Link is for gateways that have an Ethernet diagnostics port.

Safe Link for AS-Interface Gateways

AS-Interface gateways noted in this post:

AS-Interface gateway VBG-ENX-K20-DMD-EV

AS-Interface gateway/safety monitor VBG-ENX-K30-DMD-S16-EV

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