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Where would we be without wireless communication? It seems like everywhere we turn wireless technology has a meaningful impact in our lives. With the rapid advancements in this technology modern conveniences such as cell phones, GPS devices, and Wi-Fi have allowed us to better communicate regardless of our location.   

Pepperl+Fuchs has taken full advantage of this technology, by developing WirelessHART solutions for  industrial applications. Some of the key benefits to WirelessHART technology include:

  • Flexability & efficieny, especially in remote locations
  • Saves time & cost, by integrating field devices into wireless structures
  • A safe solution, prevents workers from going into potentially hazardous locations

By filling out the contact form on the right, you will receive a hardcopy of our 44 page WirelessHART Technology Guide for free. We will also send you a PDF download via email. This technology guide includes helpful information for setting up and debugging a wireless system in an industrial application. You will also learn about the following:

  •     Protocol standards, the advantages and disadvantages
  •     Modern wireless technologies
  •     Requirements in industrial applications
  •     Wireless communication basics
  •     and more...

Do you want a quick overview before you request the technology guide? Download our free WirelessHART e-Book!